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White supremacists have emerged to defend the 21-year-old woman who witnessed a hit-and-run accident before hunting down the driver, a Black man, and shooting him to death in Georgia last week. Hannah Payne was not involved in the hit and run but apparently felt the need to try to police 62-year-old Kenneth Herring before she made herself his judge, jury and executioner.

Now, residents of Clayton County have reportedly begun receiving a racist robocall after Payne was charged with murdering Herring.

“Negroes aren’t American,” the call, which appeared to be paid for by the hate group Road To Power, says in part. “They aren’t really fully human. It’s time to send them all to Africa. She’s been cast as the criminal when in fact it was the negro.”

The call continued, “Hannah Payne did nothing wrong. Tell the District Attorney of Clayton County, Georgia, free Hannah Payne.”

Listen to the disturbing call below.

Other social media users claimed to have gotten the same robocall.

On May 7, Herring reportedly hit another vehicle with his car before driving away. Payne, who was reportedly not involved in the collision, was compelled to drive after Herring for about a mile before she blocked his car with hers, got out and confronted him in what turned out to be a fatal encounter. It was unclear if Herring even realized he had been in an accident.

Herring’s estranged wife said she thought Payne murdered her husband. She wondered why Payne, who had called 911, got out of her vehicle to confront Herring before police arrived.

“If they told you to stay in the car, why would you get out? That means you weren’t in no danger if you got out of your car to go to his car,” Christine Herring said to WSB-TV. “I think she needs to go to jail because she committed murder. You need to go to jail.”

Payne’s lawyer said his client was simply trying to do the right thing.

“It just seems like an unfortunate situation of a good Samaritan trying to stop a person on a hit-and-run,” Matt Tucker said. He also said that she went to Herring’s car with her gun “to keep him from leaving again.”

A witness described Payne as the aggressor who immediately claimed after Herring was shot that he was the one who pulled the trigger.

Payne was charged with murder without malice and was being held in the Clayton County Jail without bond.

Rest in peace, Kenneth Herring.


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