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The community made it clear that there is a demand to hear more from uninterrupted, black voices… check out A Space For Creators for some wish fulfillment.

The entertainment landscape is changing rapidly. A growing wave of multicultural content appears to be hitting its stride. Recently, NewsOne informed you about the launch of the financial literacy web series, The Bizz Plan, and now we are excited to share that our parent company, iONE Digital is launching its premium video destination focused on emerging talent called A Space For Creators. Motivated by the desire to give uninterrupted, black voices a home to call their own, iONE Digital recognized that there is a host of talent bubbling under mainstream entertainment and decided to shine a light on them.

There is a brand new, dynamic roster of storytellers who will not compromise their creativity. They emerge from all over the world. Talent scouts agree that the distance between their indie projects and creative roles in Hollywood is a platform that puts their content in front of the right audience. A Space For Creators heard the call, went into action and is now presenting its first slate of content from these storytellers. Simply, A Space For Creators aims to introduce and champion authentic voices from within the culture who are hustling to craft unique stories that they can present without censorship.

We were particularly drawn to a new series currently in its pilot stage called Prisoner of Hope. The series highlights the many challenges family’s face in the aftermath of a prison sentence. Monalisa Johnson, the host, and executive producer, who also appeared on A&E’s life-changing series 60 Days In, brings a very human side of the criminal justice system to your screen. Monalisa is a pillar of hope, a relationship expert, and most importantly knows exactly what it feels like to live in the shoes of those she is helping. When asked about what she expects audiences to feel when they watch a Prisoner of Hope on A Space For Creators, she notes confidently:

I hope audiences will experience freedom from what many are oppressed by – the effects of incarceration. Through this show they will find this freedom and see themselves in these stories.  All who watch, from any walk of life, will know that they are not alone in any circumstance, and be assured that there is hope and help.

For women who want to create meaningful stories, Monalisa adds:

I hope A Space For Creators opens doors for women to be seen and heard. I hope this platform will allow women to stop playing small and to take their rightful place and play big in this business!

Born from the belief that creatives across all spectrums represent the future growth of the community and the culture, A Space For Creators enters the market as a unique video experience where audiences will find bold stories authored out of true multicultural experiences. Find your binge-worthy favorites and tell us what you want to see more of… it just might be the next series to launch!