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Sen. Elizabeth Warren appeared on “The View” this morning and she was grilled by the entitled Meghan McCain on why she won’t go on Fox News — her former job. McCain looked like her head was about to explode as Warren casually broke down why she will not add to Fox’s bottom line.

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Warren said about McCain’s former job, “Here’s the deal about Fox news executives and that is, they are running a hate for profit scam.” The audience cheered as McCain’s face tightened.

Warren continued, “The executives, we have to admit, they’re out there pushing white nationalism at a time where people are marching in Charlottesville. They give a platform to people who describe immigration as making our country poor and dirtier… Here’s the deal about those town halls, they make a lot of money off of those town halls. Right now, advertisers are getting really antsy about being with Fox on a regular basis because they don’t want their brands associated with them. We do town halls that bring in a big democratic audience to watch and then the sales reps for Fox come out and say, ‘Oh, look at our high numbers and look how evenhanded we are.’ I’m just not going to give them a full hour to help raise money and to help get credibility because they were willing to talk to me for an hour. I’m just not going to do it.”

Clearly, trying to control herself but looking outraged, McCain babbled, “I was really proud to work at Fox News. I don’t consider them a racist organization and I will say there’s so many people that watch that are really good people. I just think you’re alienating an audience. For me, it just sounds like you don’t care about the people who watch Fox News.

Warren explained, “I care and I’m going to find a thousand ways to reach out. I’ve done 88 town halls. I’ve taken 1,100 questions. I’ll go all around the country. I want to talk to people and find as many ways to reach out as I can. I’m just not going to help the Fox News executives raise money off my name.”

Warren stresses it wasn’t about the Fox News viewers or the one or two credible journalists on the channel, she did want to be part of advertisers ignoring “the really horrible stuff that they continue to give a platform for.”

Watch the exchange below:

While McCain managed to contain herself a bit, she is now famous for her disrespectful attitude every day on “The View.” For example, she and 76-year-old Joy Behar, the OG of the TV show’s panel, had a spat earlier this month over Obama. In that instance, while Behar was reflecting on the excellence of President Obama, Meghan McCain tried to imply there were scandals during his time in office.

Behar quizzed, “Do you know a scandal, can you name a scandal?”

Meghan McCain replied with, “I don’t want to do this with you this morning.” Behar pushed her co-host to name a scandal and she babbled about the Iran deal, which was a stretch.

“That’s not a scandal,” Behar clapped back. “That was their money, wasn’t it? That was their money.”

Meghan McCain, knowing she made a nonsensical point, started rambling about socialism and was eventually booed by the audience.

Watch below at the 1:45 mark:

McCain needs to accept her former job is profitable because of its racism. Kudos to Sen. Warren for her setting the story straight.


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