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The disturbing trend of white people wearing blackface and spewing racist language does not seem even remotely close to slowing down. One high school student in California became the latest racist-in-training to spark outrage over her disgusting behavior that has made the rounds on social media.

In the viral video, a 14-year-old white girl, who has not been publicly identified since she is a minor, is seen in what looks like to be the inside of someone’s home wearing blackface paint or makeup. While her friends giggle incessantly the girl utters to the camera, “who said I can’t say ‘nigga?'”

There is also a second video of the same girl on the Fresno campus of Bullard High School, where she is said to be a cheerleader. In this video, she continued to share even more of her racist views.

Both videos had been shared widely via Snapchat, but they finally sparked national outrage after Fresno community activist Stacy Williams posted one of the videos on her Facebook page.

“When our schools create a campus culture of hate & racism, & act in complicit silence, we as a community must protect our children,’ Williams said in relation to the video. “It’s gotten to a point where people have tried and felt like there isn’t accountability,’

Many people had a lot to say about the young girl’s actions, including one Facebook user who believed things have been getting worse.

‘I have this theory that each generation coming into high school as freshmen are getting worse and worse as far as it goes for behaviour,” a user wrote.

There were others who were calling on the school to punish the girl for her actions.

“This is disgusting why has she not been kicked out or punished?’ Another user asked.

A concerned resident even sent the photos directly to the Fresno Unified Superintendent, Bob Nelson, who condemned the girl’s behavior.

It’s very serious,” Nelson said Saturday. “We need to hold her accountable for her actions and the implications thereof. I don’t want to diminish the significance of the pain and anguish that this causes in others. That being said, I want to do more than just see people attack one another on social media. It doesn’t help us do the very real work we need to do.”

Unfortunately, this instance is but a mere snapshot into what Nelson acknowledged as the city’s history of racism. The superintendent recognized that the city has been known for redlining and segregation. He also said that Black males enrolled in special education classes are more likely to be expelled or suspended.

Just days before the video began circulating, the Fresno Grizzlies, the city’s minor-league baseball team, lost its sponsorships with Heineken International and Sun-Maid after showing a video portraying New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as an “enemy of freedom” during a Memorial Day baseball game. In the video, they presented the freshmen Congresswoman in the likeness of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.


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