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One Louisiana police officer is being described as “disgusting to the badge” by one police chief after he forced a mother to commit a sick, sexual act on her own infant child. To make matters worse, the cop filmed it and posted it online, according to Huff Post.

The disturbing video was taken to the St. Gabriel, Louisiana police department on Friday after a woman said it was sent to her on Facebook. The video showed a woman performing a sex act on her baby. Shaderick Jones, a sheriff’s deputy in Iberville, Louisiana, was arrested Saturday after it was found out that he was the one who filmed the footage.

According to police, Jones, who was off-duty, went to the home of Iyashasa Todd on Thursday and forced her to perform oral sex on her one-year-old son under the threat of arrest on a warrant for a traffic violation. Jones was still in uniform as his shift had only ended 30 minutes prior. Todd said she was afraid of going to jail and the authorities described Jones’ apparent motivation.

“Mr. Jones coerced her to perform the act on the child; he said that was his fantasy,” St. Gabriel Police Chief Kevin Ambeau said. “For someone to have that type of fantasy, he’s a sick individual.”

The day after the incident occurred, Jones was scheduled to come into work, but called out for what he claimed was a “family emergency.” According to, Jones proceeded to routinely call Todd throughout the day.

“I have 30 years experience and this is the worst [crime] I’ve seen,” said Ambeau. “In my 16 years as the chief of police, I have not seen anything more disgusting and sickening,”

Jones, who had been with the Iberville Sheriff’s Office since 2015, was promptly fired after his arrest. He has been charged with pornography with a juvenile, principal to 1st Degree Rape and malfeasance in Office. BRPoud reported that Ambeau was seeking prosecution at the federal level because he believes state laws can be too lenient.

Todd was also arrested and charged with first-degree rape, incest and failure to appear. She could face life in prison if she is convicted of the first-degree rape charge. Her son is now in the care of his grandmother and the state’s Child Protective Services has also gotten involved.

“You have more good officers than you have bad,” Ambeau said. “You can do all the psychological evaluation you want – every now and then you have one bad apple slip through the crack.”

According to CNN, police officers in the United States have been charged with more than 400 rapes in a nine-year period. At the same time, these are the officers who are actually caught, so there is no telling how many more victims are out there. Though Jones has proven to be truly sick, there may be other woman and children who fell victim to his threats.


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