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Safety is always a concern for Black children — even on a playground. A 13-year-old in Pittsburgh was brutally attacked by a white man and it was captured on video.

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According to WPXI,  Thomas D’Andrea jumped on top of the 13-year-old because — according to police — he believed he was vandalizing property. So, just like Hannah Payne, he decided to take the law into his own hands and brutalized a child who has severe asthma. The child denied he was vandalizing any property and was simply on the playground. You can hear his sister begging for the adult to let go of her brother.

See the horrific video below:

His mother Shalaya Hasbrouck, who goes by Shalayla McGovern on Facebook, posted the video with the following caption, “My children we’re sitting in the playground in Greenfield where we live, minding their own business when this person ran over to them telling them to leave calling them racial slurs. He lied to the police and said they were vandalizing the playground. He then ran up and began to attack my son. He hit my son FIRST. Punching him and calling him racial slurs.”

She continued, “He also threatened to hit my daughter who was recording and stole my son’s phone which he then slammed into the ground. His father and i did not get there until after the police arrived. Which was nearly 30 minutes later. This p.o.s. need to be in jail. I cannot believe the Pittsburgh police refused to arrest him. Why was this sicko in the park anyway he is a grown adult? He NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED!!!!”

WPXI reports Thomas D’Andrea was charged with assault but didn’t spend anytime in jail. His wife told the outlet that he was the “real victim” but did not explain how he was victimized by a child.

D’Andrea also is on the Greenfield Community Association, and he has been asked to step down.

This thug is clearly a danger and should not be on the streets. Hopefully, enough outrage will see justice served.


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