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Thomas D’Andrea is the 46 who attacked 13-year-old child at a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania playground. He’s only had two charges against him and the firefighter has been placed on administrative leave from Pittsburgh Public Safety. However, people are outraged that more isn’t being down to show this thug that this behavior is not acceptable. There have been protesters all over Pittsburgh.

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The people of Pittsburgh are taking action. According to The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Celeste Scott posted a Facebook livestream “calling on white people to demand change rather than relying on black activists to take the lead.”

People heard the call, like Abby Rae LaCombe and Amanda DiGregory, who are white, and organized a rally Tuesday where about 50 people protested  and demanded that firefighter Thomas D’Andrea be fired — not just on administrative leave.

Scott said at the protest, “If we’re going to overturn these systems of oppression, we have to be serious about it. And even people in places of privilege have to be serious about instances of oppression.” Watch video of the protest below:

In case you missed it, according to WPXI, D’Andrea jumped on top of the 13-year-old because he claimed he was vandalizing property. D’Andrea decided to take the law into his own hands and brutalized a child who has severe asthma. The child denied he was vandalizing property. You can hear his sister begging for the adult to let go of her brother.

See the horrific video below:

Thomas D’Andrea is facing misdemeanor counts of simple assault and criminal mischief but he has not served one day in jail.

The child’s father Dave McGovern told Pittsburgh’s Action News, “I’m still wondering why there haven’t been more than two charges filed… He kneed him in the ribs and punched him in the face. That’s where the bloody mouth came from.”

McGovern’s attorney Blaine Jones, who is representing the family, also said, “This behavior is unacceptable. [The kid] didn’t deserve this, the [45]-year-old man is not the king of Greenfield, he can’t determine who comes and goes from Greenfield.”

D’Andrea also is on the Greenfield Community Association, and he has been asked to step down.

His wife told WPXI that he was the “real victim” but did not explain how he was victimized by a child — it’s not clear how an adult caused a child to bleed but attacking him is the “victim.”

Pittsburgh Public Safety released a statement on their social media, which read in part, “Thomas D’Andrea is charged with simple assault and criminal mischief. Police are continuing to investigate. D’Andrea is a City of Pittsburgh firefighter. He has been placed on administrative leave. The office of municipal investigations is investigating.

We hope the child and his family gets justice.


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