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A random street preacher tried to use a bullhorn to come for Kirk Franklin‘s performance at the 2019 BET Awards but only embarrassed himself.

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During a four-minute clip Franklin posted on his Instagram, he recorded an interesting, yet strange exchange between him and an unidentified white Jacksonville, Florida preacher. The man told the famed gospel artist that he had “blood on his hands” because he did not use his platform a the BET Awards to help viewers repent.

“You didn’t stand up at the BET Awards and say ‘hey guys, Jesus is coming back soon and the Bible says in the book of Revelation that the blood will be up to the horse’s bridle because of the blood of the sinners and no one’s warning people. The Bible says your prophets were false because they did not warn you of the sin that leads you to calamity,” the preacher said through a bullhorn.

Franklin responded to the street preacher “You didn’t believe that I said Jesus is Lord at the BET awards?”

During Franklin’s acclaimed performance of “Love Theory,” with singers Erica Campbell, Kelly Price and Jonathan McReynolds, Franklin gave a brief Christian message to the audience telling attendees to stand up “if you believe that Jesus is the light of the world.” According to The Christian Post, 1Franklin’s performance received rave reviews by many viewers, there were some that felt the performance was an advertisement for the performer’s BET show “Sunday Best,” as the singers who accompanied Franklin were all judges on the show.

The man contradicted himself by telling Franklin that it was not enough to just mention Jesus’ name. He then let Franklin know what he would have done if he had the chance to take the BET Awards stage.

“If I had three minutes in front of the world, I would tell them that wrath is coming and they better repent. That’s what I would tell them. ‘Cause what you said is ‘keep on singing the lullaby everybody. See you later. Go to Hell. That’s what it was,” he said.

Following Franklin’s post, some pastors and celebrities came to his defense denouncing the man’s actions in the comments below the video. One preacher called what he did was not Christ-like.

“The law. Shame. Judgement. Preachers who attack believers before conversing with them. They all are calling cards of religious system designed to shame a person into submission to other people’s version of god. The Living God manifested Himself through Christ Jesus who dealt with His disciples who wanted to judge and kill,” Relentless Church Pastor John Gray wrote on the Instagram below Franklin’s post.

Watch the exchange below:



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