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Mo’Nique has revisited every feud she has ever had in her interview with the YouTube show Comedy Hype. She has slammed Whoopi Goldberg, Charlamagne and now she is reminding folks how she feels about Lee Daniels.

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“Empire” has a had a good run. This season — the sixth — will be the last season. “Star” is ending after three seasons, however, Mo’Nique sees this as “universal law” or Lee Daniels, who created both shows. On the cancellations, the Oscar winner told Comedy Hype, “First, let me say this because I love Lee Daniels and I think Lee Daniels is one of the most brilliant writers and directors of our time and I don’t get off on seeing any of my brothers and sisters — what people may believe is their demise because Lee Daniels didn’t just get canceled, hundreds of people got people. Hundreds of people lost their jobs.”

She then continued, “But I also want to say, when it first hit — and this is why I say to Black women, ‘Don’t be so quick to discount your Black man.’ When it first hit, my husband said to me, ‘Mama, we know what’s right and we won’t waiver from it. It’ll turn because people will understand the truth.’ It’s okay to stand in wrong right now, they think we wrong, but history will show that you were standing for right. So I believe all universal law is saying what you put out is what you get back.”

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After Mo’Nique blasted Charlamagne in that same interview, which has been released in segments throughout the past seven days, “I’m praying for Mo’Nique. I want Mo’Nique to find the healing she needs. She’s been talking about the same people for the last 15 years. I’m new to the conversation. But the Oprahs, the Tyler Perrys, the Lee Daniels — everybody else is always the problem and even if those people did her wrong, she got to let that go because it’s not good for her mental health.”

He added, “I don’t hear a woman who is at piece.”


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