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Video footage recently posted on social media showed a group of grown white men terrorizing Black children over a bike in a scene that further demonstrated the disturbing trend of criminalizing of Black youth.

Delphia Robinson posted two videos to Facebook showing what looked like a mob of white men trying to pry her 15-year-old son, Zy’aire‘s bike from him and his friends in Deer Park, which is located in Babylon, New York. According to Robinson’s post, the incident happened on Saturday after her son and his friends decided to take a bike ride to a Taco Bell. She said shortly after they arrived, a group of white men and children began to circle them and accused them of stealing the bike from one of the men’s kids.

“My son tried to explain to them it’s his bike he bought it last summer, [but] they began to physically try and pry the bike from my son,” Robinson wrote.

She also claimed that a man she identified as Rob Bishop choked her son as well as another man who tried to intervene as he used racial slurs against them. Though these accusations were not caught on the videos that were posted, what was captured was equally disturbing.

In the video, several white men can be seen pulling violently at a red bike as several Black children, including Zy’aire tugged back. A couple white children stood around, some of them also confrontational toward the Black people that started to congregate around the scene. Several Black adults tried to intervene, even yelling at Bishop, “these are children!” A white woman is seen holding a phone, possibly calling police, as she claimed, “this is my brother’s bike.”

Bishop obviously did not care that these were children as he repeatedly yelled, “get off the fucking bike!”

“These are grown men and women in this video surrounding my son and his friends. All the other kids stood by laughing,” Robinson wrote. “[Bishop] took my sons bike threw it in his car and sped off to his home thankfully one of the kids got his license plate.”

Suffolk County Police responded to the incident and arrested Bishop and merely charged him with harassment, but Robinson wants him to be charged with assault. And though she and her son tried to retrieve his bike by bringing a receipt for it to the police station, she said they were told that Bishop damaged the bike by taking off the chain and pedals.

“My son worked all summer and saved up to purchase this bike and now after this nightmare ordeal he still has to suffer!” Robinson wrote. “My son is the victim in this situation, it’s so sad and very heartbreaking as a mother! Just wanted to share what is happening to our children!”

Shades of Long Island identified Karisa Gibbons Fasano as Bishop’s significant other. Fasano posted her views on the situation to Facebook on Sunday claiming Robinson was “condoning” her son’s actions and trying to intimidate them.

“This lady is condoning her son stealing our kids bikes and thinks that a post on Facebook is gonna scare us!” She wrote. “NOW THEY GOT THE MESSAGE! We will not be intimidated by ANYONE who thinks they are going to come into our town and THREATEN OUR BOYS and STEAL their bikes and get away with it!”

Outraged by the post, several Facebook users came together to create a GoFundMe to help raise money to get Zy’aire a new bike. They raised close to $400 of their $1,000 goal as of Wednesday afternoon.

According to Shades of Long Island, a similar situation in Long Island back in 2017 took the lives of two Black men after a white man ran them over believing they stole his dirt bike. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison in October 2018.


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