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ICE is terrifying people across the country and there have been countless reports of people who are not here illegally being arrested or even U.S. citizens being detained. The latest horror story is Trevor James, a 34-year-old man from Trinidad who has legally been in the country since 2004 and was randomly detained by ICE at his job on June 5 in North Carolina. His sister Solange James is now fighting for his freedom.

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James has been in the country legally under aF1 student visa, OPT status and through a Green Card. He was in the process of updating his temporary 2 year Green Card. According to, due to a “USCIS clerical error, my attorney and I never received USCIS’ requests for additional information and I was put into removal proceedings in absentia.”

Solange James spoke on SiriusXm’s Urban View “The Clay Cane Show” and said Trevor had no idea he was in threat of being detained. “His attorneys didn’t see it coming. His attorney was shocked… He was kept from making calls while being snatched away.” She continued, “At no time was he told he had a court appearance date. I’ve been speaking to several different attorneys in Florida, New York, North Carolina, Georgia — and they’re all seeing saying that they are seeing a massive uptick in these cases where USCIS immigration is saying, ‘Yeah, we gave you notice to appear in court’ and yet no one has any clue. It’s starting to sound as like that’s just what they’re saying and they’re not giving anyone notice.”

James was also temporarily placed in solitary confinement after being accused of not having immunization for chicken pox. Solange he is up to date with all of his vaccinations.

James is asking for an action, telling Cane, “Check in with the Charlotte immigration court and just ask about my brother. Ask what’s going on with my brother’s case.” There is also a GoFundMe page to help with the insane legal costs.

“This is not just a Latino problem, this affects all of us,” Solange stressed. For more info, go to

Listen to a clip of Solange James on “The Clay Cane Show” below.


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