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The news that the brother of Olympian Simone Biles was arrested for a triple murder in Cleveland shocked many people, but perhaps no one was shocked more than the gold medalist gymnast herself.

Tevin Biles-Thomas, who is enlisted in the Army, was taken into custody at Fort Stewart in Georgia on Thursday over his alleged role in a shooting at a New Year’s Eve party there last year. According to, the 24-year-old man was charged with multiple counts of murder, voluntary manslaughter and felonious assault and one count of perjury. In addition to the shooting deaths, two other people were injured in the shooting that took place at an Airbnb rental.

A few hours after the news of the arrest broke, Biles, who was apparently not connected to any aspect of the shooting, took to Twitter to post a cryptic tweet that left many of her fans trying to decode it.

[E]ating my feelings don’t talk to me,” she tweeted Thursday night.

Obviously, that sentiment could be referring to anything. But Biles’ Twitter followers seemed to offer her come cyber-understanding and sympathy without directly addressing the arrest of her brother. said it reached out to Biles for comment but the 22-year-old did not immediately respond.

While Tevin Biles-Thomas was being reported as the gymnastics star’s brother, her Team USA web page failed to mention him when listing her family members. It only lists Biles as having “two brothers, Ronald and Adam, and one sister, Adria.” According to, Biles “and her sister, Adria, were raised by their grandfather Ron and grandmother Nellie, after their mother’s struggle with substance abuse problem. Ron and Nellie eventually officially adopted the two girls, and Biles calls her grandmother ‘Mom.’”

Before the arrest, Biles was enjoying a historic run of high-level competition in the past year. Most recently, she won the all-around gold medal during Women’s Senior competition at the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships on Aug. 11.

Prior to that, she also took home the gold at the Artistic FIG Gymnastics World Championships last November. Most recently she announced last week that she was going to teach a gymnastics class. 

The young gymnastics veteran was expected to be leading Team USA in next year’s summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Tevin Biles-Thomas was being held without bail and was scheduled to be arraigned in Cleveland on Sept. 13.


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