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On March 18, Stephon Clark, an unarmed Black man, was shot and killed in Sacramento, California. The city has finally settled and it’s a disturbing low amount.

READ MORE: Black Lives Matter Is Protesting Until Sacramento Officials Give A Damn About Stephon Clark, Brandon Smith reports, “The city of Sacramento has agreed to pay $2.4 million to the two sons of Stephon Clark, the unarmed black man who was fatally shot last year by police, federal court documents filed in California show.”

The site also reported, “Most of the money will be placed into a trust for Clark’s boys, now 5 and 2 years old, who will be able to access it tax-free over three years starting when each turns 22, according to the records, filed Wednesday. About a quarter of the money will go to attorneys, including the firm of high-profile civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump.”

The lawsuit that was  filed asked for $20 million.

However, not one police officer has been charged. In March of 2019, Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert  said, “The law requires that we judge the reasonableness of an officer’s actions based upon the circumstances confronting them at that moment of time.”

She continued, “We know [Clark] fled from the officers after being told to stop, we know that he continued into the backyard, and we know that when he continued into the backyard, he rounded that corner, and he went to the end of that yard and he turned around. He didn’t continue to flee. He turned around and he was in a shooting stance with his arms extended.”

She added that the two officers “honestly, without hesitation, believed he had a gun.”

Sacramento police fatally shot 22-year-old Clark 20 times in his grandmother’s backyard during a vandalism investigation. Clark, a father of two, was holding a cell phone.

An autopsy performed by a world-renowned medical examiner determined Clark was shot in the back, after no charges or indictments, the cops, Jared Robinet and Terrence Mercadal, who killed him are reportedly still working as police officers.

Our condolences go out to the friends and family of Stephon Clark.

Rest in power.


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