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The 23rd season of “The View” kicked off this week and Meghan McCain has already had some embarrassing moments. However, who knew it would be Pamela Anderson would be the one to give her the first dragging of the season.

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Anderson is a friend and supporter of Julian Asange. She defended him by saying, “It’s devastating that people have fallen for this smear campaign especially in America. I feel like an outsider looking in, looking at how America has embraced all this—this propaganda.””

The Princess of Arizona interrupted her by saying Ecuador kicked him out of their embassy because he was “defecating everywhere.”

Anderson calmly said, “That’s a smear campaign—that’s not true” and asked McCain what she would do if she were locked in a room for six years.

“Well, I wouldn’t be a cyberterrorist, which he is! ” McCain snapped. “He hacked information. His leaks included classified documents that put our national security at risk, our military and the lives of spies and diplomats at risk.”

Never losing her cool, Anderson clapped back by asking McCain how many people America’s national security has “killed innocently” compared to WikiLeaks, which made the audience clap and a cheer from a man in the audience.

With her entitlement on overdrive, she spat, “Oh calm down, sir!”

Joy Behar, who knows how to disagree without having a temper-tantrum, pushed Anderson by saying, “He put people in danger by refusing to redact sensitive information including Social Security numbers and other private material.”

Anderson cooly explained Assange  is a “publisher,” she “supports whistleblowers” and she seems him as a hero.

McCain then shouted, “He’s a cyberterrorist. I’ll say it! I’ll say it! I’m not going to stand by this. It’s ridiculous.”

Watch below:

Earlier this week, McCain mortified people when after countless people were killed or injured by mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, she ranted, “I will say this is a ground-level issue for me. If you’re going to be a gun-grabber, you don’t get my vote, period. We got to have a different conversation.”

She continued, “The AR-15 is by far the most popular gun in America, by far. I was just in the middle of Wyoming, if you’re talking about taking people’s guns from them, there’s going to be a lot of violence.”

As if we don’t have violence now with guns.

When Joy Behar tried to talk some logic into her, she snapped, “I’m not living without guns. It’s just that simple!”

It’s going to be a messy season of “The View.”


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