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Laura Ingraham‘s claim to fame is being a hateful demon from radio to television. She has attacked everyone from mass shooting survivors to now youth climate activist Greta Thunberg.

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The 16-year-old from Sweden made a powerful statement at the United Nations’ special meeting on climate change on Monday. Ingraham’s response? The Fox News pundit compared the child to the Stephen King horror film “Children of the Corn.”

See the vile moment below:

Ingraham has been getting slammed on Twitter by even her brother Curtis Ingraham, who has been slamming her for years, who wrote, “Clearly my sister’s paycheck is more important than the world her three adopted kids will inherit. I can no longer apologize for a sibling who I no longer recognize. I can and will continue to call out the monstrous behavior and the bully commentary born out of anger.”

This is nothing new from Ingraham. Back in March of 2018, she attacked activist David Hogg, who survived a horrorfic shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Laura Ingraham had time to tweet about his college admission status, claiming that Hogg, who has a 4.2 GPA (even though she wrote 4.1, when the article she tweeted clearly said 4.2), didn’t get accepted into four colleges, including UCLA. See the idiotic tweet below:

Instead of going back and forth with Ingraham, Hogg decided to go right to her pocket.

Before you know it, he had her list of advertisers:

Laura is now trending and it’s hard to find anyone who is on her side.

Let’s hope her advertisers are revisited again. Attacking children is unacceptable.

Laura Ingraham has a long history of despicable behavior.  She fat-shamed Meghan McCainmade a Nazi-salute at the 2016  RNC conventionretweeted Nazis, and is a vicious homophobe who outed closeted gay college students by recording them — even though her brother was gay. She is also deeply anti-immigrant, even by conservative standards. Last year, the 56-year-old attacked LeBron James and Kevin Durant for being Americans with opinions. If Bill O’Reilly can be taken down, then so can Laura.

In the meantime, check out the beautiful words Greta Thunberg said at the United Nations:


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