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Two gay black U.S. airmen have claimed they were brutally beaten by a group of men in a Croatian nightclub last weekend and posted horrible images of the apparent proof on social media. Ny’Zavian Dozier wrote in a Facebook post that he and Keith D. Rowe were having a good time in the establishment located in the city of Zadar when they were the targets of an apparent homophobic attack by 10 men on Saturday night.

“Literally experienced one of the most scariest moments ever last night. A group of 8-10 Croatian men targeted my friend and I in a night club, Dozier, 24, wrote on Sunday. “These guys had every intention of not letting us walk away alive. I have never felt so defenseless in my entire life. I truly couldn’t protect my friend!”

He continued: “A trip that started so beautiful ended in such a horrible way but I’m grateful that my friend and I are alive! Few bumps and bruises but we’ll be ok! Thank you to everyone who has checked in. We’re finally back home!”

Local police seemed to place the blame on Dozier and Rowe.

“It was determined that the men, American citizens ‘danced a little more vigorously’ and that annoyed these men who attacked them,” the Croatian police spokesperson reportedly said. “We are still determining whether this is a hate attack. We are looking for the perpetrators, and we cannot confirm at this time that they are US soldiers.”

A Croatian news outlet reported that local coverage in Zadar said Dozier and Rowe were “acting gay” and “twerking.”

According to Dozier’s social media, he is in the Air Force. The Facebook account appearing to belong to Rowe, 25, shows he is also in the Air Force. There are also several photos of Dozier in uniform.

The American Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city, said it was standing by to help Dozier and Rowe however it could.

“The US Embassy in Zagreb condemns the recent violent attacks on two US tourists in Zadar. The well-being and security of US citizens abroad is one of the State Department’s top priorities,” a statement attributed to the embassy said. “The Embassy is ready to provide appropriate assistance to American citizens in need and their families. Due to privacy issues, we are unable to comment further on this case.”


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