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R. Kelly Bond Hearing Held In Sexual Assault Case

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A Patreon page purporting to belong to Joycelyn Savage, one of R. Kellys girlfriends, has officially been taken down.

According to TMZ, a spokesperson for the crowdfunding membership platform explained, “After multiple unsuccessful attempts to verify the identity of the account holder, we closed the Patreon page allegedly associated with Joycelyn Savage due to potential impersonation. All patrons who signed up for the membership page were refunded and the creator did not receive any funds.”

Traffic to the page began after someone purporting to be Joycelyn Savage made a post on Instagram last Friday claiming “There’s something I need to reveal, something I’ve should’ve talked about a long time ago. This is my story!” That same page made another post, writing, “‪I have Partnered up with @Patreon where I will post daily chapters of my story. Things I am going to reveal that was sweared not to see the day of light — by NDA. I am risking my life for many others.”

This is when the Patreon page went up where customers could pay a membership fee ranging from $3 to $25 for content. In a series of posts, the person claiming to be Savage detailed instances of abuse from Kelly, including getting choked by the singer until she blacked out. The person also said that they received two abortions after getting pregnant by Kelly.

The account made a good amount of money, according to TMZ, with 1,800 users paying the membership fees. It stirred mixed emotions for Joycelyn’s family. Her sister, Jailyn Savage, said in an Instagram story, “I’m praying to God that this is not what I think it is on somebody just trying to get a check off of my sister’s situation.”

She continued, “Cause I’m reading the stories on it and some of it sounds like it could be her, but then she’s making all these slick remarks and how can I say it, making slick remarks to different types of celebrities and stuff. And it just does not sound like my sister. It sounds like someone is joking to me. It does not sound genuinely like my sister’s situation.”

Meanwhile, Joycelyn’s parents were more hopeful, with her mom Jonjelyn Savage telling ABC News, “She’s ready to tell the truth. She’s came out with statements that we have been saying for the last two and a half years and it’s pretty accurate. I believe one of the primary reasons that she has the courage to speak up is because she knows he’s actually in jail.”

R. Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, also seemed to believe the hype, saying, “It is unfortunate that Jocelyn now seeks to make money by exploiting her long time, loving relationship with Robert.”

The Instagram page that started it all is still running. The latest posts include an ad for an online clothing store called Prestigetrendss. There’s no word yet if authorities plan on looking into this page as well.


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