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Tamron Hall knows what it means to be pushed out of job because certain people in power felt like others were more valuable. The 49-year-old, who is shining brighter than ever with her new talkshow, is now showing her support for  Gabrielle Union who was reportedly fired after calling out a  toxic work environment at NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”

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On Tuesday’s episode of  the “Tamron Hall” talk show, she said, “[Difficult] is the go-to word. It’s a trope when it comes to women. We are difficult, Black women are angry and difficult. I have in this business watched men storm out of rooms, puffing and huffing, and no one says anything. A woman speaks up, you’re difficult. We just did a show on likability trap, that women are always in this likability trap.”

She also opened up racism she experienced in media like a now dead comedian saying about her name, “What is it with you Blacks and these names?”

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Wendy Williams has also spoken up for Union, saying, “Gabrielle, if they offer you your job back, I wouldn’t even take it. But, you know what I would take, a low key high-paying job as a consultant in the background for the show.”

She also added, “It’s only the girls that get replaced and they do get replaced with equally as attractive women. However, I don’t think Simon is a racist because he’s had relations with Black women before. I don’t think this is a Black thing, I think this is a sexism thing, girls. This is us all against them and sometimes that’s how it is. It’s not always a Black or white thing.”

According to Deadline, Union is scheduled to meet with NBC this week to discuss why she was fired from the show. Sources say the meeting is intended to change the culture of the series.

Union was let go from the show on November 22 after just one season and she hired Hollywood attorney Bryan Freedman last week after news of her leave became public. Freedman is the same person who represented Megyn Kelly last year during her lucrative exit from NBC News.

Time’s Up has started a petition to hold NBC accountable.


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