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A 9-year-old Alabama native is helping individuals impacted by homelessness in his local community. According to Black News, with the help of his family, Ethan Hill purchased 100 sleeping bags and food for those without shelter in Birmingham this holiday season.

The importance of paying it forward is something that has been engrained in Hill. Since he was 7-years-old, he’s been creating care packages and distributing sleeping bags. This year he wanted to expand his impact and purchase 100 $10 sleeping bags, so he launched a Facebook fundraiser to garner support and raised over $8,000 surpassing his goal of $5,500. He was inspired to start the initiative after seeing a homeless man on the side of the road every day on his way to school. He asked his parents if they could purchase sleeping bags instead of Christmas presents.

“It’s my responsibility to help others,” he told WVTM 13. “It makes me feel blessed that I have everything that I need to survive. It makes me feel blessed that I could help others.”

Youngsters throughout the country are making an impact in their local communities. In August—in celebration of their birthday—12-year-old twins Breanna and Brooke Bennett launched an initiative designed to provide care packages that included hygiene products for girls their age. During the same month, a 3-year-old entrepreneur from North Carolina dubbed “the lemonade baby” used revenue from her lemonade stand to give back to mothers in need. She donated diapers and bottles to a transitional facility run by the Durham Rescue Mission called the Good Samaritan Inn. The facility serves over 100 women and children who are experiencing homelessness.


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