Alabama's AG cut him a sweet plea deal.


There's an apparent trend at hand.

Police Brutality

The police narrative behind the excessive force is unraveling.

An Alabama police officer with the Reform Police Department is on administrative leave after video showed her tasing a handcuffed Black man for no discerning reason outside of her fragile blue ego getting bruised.

The trial for the Black riverboat co-captain who was attacked during the Montgomery riverboat brawl has been scheduled. 

Daniel Boman, a GOP congressional candidate in Alabama, was recently suspended from practicing law due to a racist phone call.

Decatur Police Chief Todd Pinion said his officers violated department policies in the shooting death of Steve Perkins.

Dameion Pickett was charged with third-degree assault after he was attacked by Zachary Shipman, one of the defendants in the infamous "Montgomery Riverboat Brawl" viral incident.

One had the privilege of serving time on weekends only.


A judge ruled in the kidnapping hoax case.

The family of Steven Perkins is searching for answers after he was shot and killed by Alabama police during a dispute with a tow truck driver.

A federal court approved a new congressional map.