Jamea Jonae Harris, the young Black woman killed in an Alabama shooting for which college basketball player Darius Miles is charged with murder, "wouldn't talk to him," her mother said.

Randy Jinx was removed from the bench in 2021 by the COJ (Court of the Judiciary), but denied most of the claims and appealed the ruling.

Tommy Tuberville's racist remark made is part of the broader MAGA movement.

Among the first arguments is one of the few remaining sections of the Voting Rights Act.

Some of the inmates are refusing to do their daily jobs until their demands are met.

The threat to kill Black people at an Alabama county fair is under investigation.

The Joy is Our Journey The Dream Bus Tour is accessible to all and created for Black girls, young women, and gender-expansive adolescents.

Pastor Michael Jennings of Childersburg, Alabama, was arrested while watering his neighbor's flowers in a viral video. Now he plans to sue.

Why does the GOP seem to have a habit of blurting out racist Freudian slips? 

A police officer sent out a racist text prompting the Vincent, Alabama city council to dismantle its entire police department.

A video posted to Reddit shows an Elberta, Alabama, police officer in a physical confrontation with a white man.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) play a vital role in shaping American culture. They provide opportunities and education to many highly successful young Black students and have propelled many students to accomplish great feats.