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A 3-year-old from North Carolina is living proof that you’re never too young to make an impact in your community. With the help of her mother, toddler Ava Lewis is using revenue from her lemonade stand to give back to mothers in need, ABC News reported.

The young entrepreneur set up shop in front of her mother’s Durham-based hair salon The Lather Lounge. She started selling cups of lemonade for a $1 but after her drink grew in popularity, she began selling gallons of her lemonade mixture. When asked by her mother Maggie Lewis what she wanted to do with the money she earned from her lemonade stand Ava expressed that she wanted to help children. She and her mom then purchased diapers and bottles for mothers who were struggling to make ends meet. They donated the items to a transitional facility run by the Durham Rescue Mission called the Good Samaritan Inn. The facility serves over 100 women and children who are experiencing homelessness.

Organizers of the initiative are humbled by Ava and Maggie’s generosity. “It just means the world to us to see a young person that is thinking of others,” Good Samaritan Inn director Gail Mills told the news outlet. “And is selling her lemonade to have the funds to buy the diapers and the wipes — it just makes my day. Such a heartwarming experience to meet little Ava and to see how her mother is teaching her at such a young age to care for others and to share her blessing with people who are having a hard time.”

As far as what’s on the horizon for Ava—who has been dubbed “the lemonade baby”—she will continue to run her lemonade stand and make an impact in her local community. Her brand has reached a national level, as she has received lemonade orders from other states. “She’s gonna take this to the next level! She always say ‘I am a winner,'” her mother Maggie told ABC 11. “That’s her favorite line. I let her know we was born to win!”


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