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A 17-year-old from New Jersey is making power moves in the literary world. Essynce Moore—the first Black teen author to have three pieces of her literature incorporated into school curriculums—is on a mission to inspire and empower youth through her work, Black Enterprise reported.

Moore’s series of books—dubbed The Middle School Chronicles—was released in 2015. The books capture how students navigate the ins and outs of middle school and addresses topics that include peer pressure and bullying. The collection includes 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles: Where No Secrets Are Kept, 7th Grade Middle School Chronicles: Oh Essynce, If Only You Could See the Future and 8th Grade Middle School Chronicles: The Year That Changed Everything. Her books were incorporated into the curriculums for Brooklyn Charter Schools, Hillside, New Jersey School District, and the Orange, New Jersey School District.

“I think what makes my books so special is everyone is able to relate to them,” she told Arise Entertainment 360. “My mom encouraged me to be true to myself and that’s who I am in these books. I tell it like it is. These books are my experiences. The message is your age doesn’t define who you are. Your circumstances don’t define who you are. You do that for yourself. I hope my books inspire others to just be yourself. Being yourself is the best thing you can do.”

Aside from her literary work, the teenager is an entrepreneur, children’s fashion designer, actress and motivational speaker. She’s the founder of a brand called Essynce Couture, LLC which merges fashion and education through a membership program for children that provides them with incentives for doing well in school.

Several Black teen innovators are making waves in the literary industry. Entrepreneur Journi Prewitt created the Black Butterfly Beautiful subscription box to promote reading amongst African-American children in an effort to change the major racial disparity in youth literacy.


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