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The famous saying that love is blind may get put to the test after it was reported that one half of the infamous two-man team of snipers who killed multiple people in the D.C. metropolitan area nearly 20 years ago has gotten married. Lee Boyd Malvo, the baby-faced literal assassin who was found guilty for his role in killing 10 people and wounding three others in targeted long distances shootings in 2002, exchanged nuptials with a woman while he is serving life sentence in prison.

Malvo, who was 17 when he and John Allen Muhammad — who was executed in 2009 — terrorized an entire region for nearly a month by using a high-powered rifle to kill people at random by shooting people from the back of their car, got married at the Red Onion State Prison in Virginia last week, the Washington Post reported. While the identity of Malvo’s bride was not revealed, one of his lawyers told the Post that she is an “educated” and “very impressive young lady.” Craig S. Cooley went on to say that he believes “they are soul mates. She sees the good and sees Lee as I’ve always seen him, and I think the world would have seen him had Muhammad not taken over his life.”

Malvo’s adviser, who the Associated Press reported has served as the now-35-year-old man’s mentor since his trial in 2003, went a bit further than Cooley did.

“Over the past 17 years, he has grown despite his conditions of confinement,” Carmeta Albarus told the AP. “He has grown into an adult, and has found love with a wonderful young lady. … It was a beautiful ceremony.”

The news of the wedding came a few weeks after Malvo dropped his efforts appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court over his prison sentence because of a law in Virginia was updated and made him eligible for parole in spite of his heinous crimes. The new version of the law allows prisoners who were younger than 18 years old when they convicted the crime they were convicted of to apply for parole after serving 20 years behind bars.

It was unclear how Malvo met his bride, let alone her name. However, wedding website the Spruce has a pretty detailed overview of everything it takes to get married to a federal prisoner inside the prison. Unfortunately for the new couple, statistics show that marriages where one spouse is in prison ended in divorce about 85 percent of the time.

However, if Malvo’s wife can hold out, he is eligible for parole in 2024, just a few short years from now. With that said, the chances of him being granted parole were likely pretty slim.

This is America.


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