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NBA star LeBron James has continually used his I Promise School as a vessel to support those in need. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, school officials have decided to keep its doors open to provide resources for people facing exacerbated hardships as a result of the pandemic, CBS Sports reported.

Although all private and public schools in Ohio will remain shuttered for at least three weeks, the LeBron James Family Foundation has decided to keep the Akron-based school’s Family Resource Center open. At the center students and their families will be given care packages with items provided by the Akron Food Bank and Smuckers, clothing, shelter and medical help if needed. The decision to keep the Family Resource Center operating will be instrumental in alleviating some of the socio-economic barriers that have been heightened due to the health crisis.

“Obstacles are opportunities for us to come together… and this family can make anything happen!” read a message on the school’s Instagram page. “With the help of the @acrfoodbank and @smuckersbrand, our superstar staff prepped and bagged supplies for our students and their families for their time away. We know what our school means to our I PROMISE families and we will continue to work non-stop for them, through thick and thin, no matter what… because that’s what family does.”

Michele Campbell, who serves as the Executive Director of the LeBron James Family Foundation, says this effort is a part of James’ ongoing dedication to helping the school’s students and their families. “He’s not doing this work just because of what is happening. He’s doing this work when he made this commitment to the I Promise program. This is a commitment for a lifetime,” she said in a statement.

This is one of many impactful initiatives that the Los Angeles Laker has led through his school. In 2019, James announced he will be adding transitional housing for the families of students that are facing financial hardships.


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