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Getting accepted into an Ivy League school is a huge academic achievement and a high school senior from Massachusetts is celebrating her acceptance into all eight. According to Western Mass News, Roberta Hannah was selected to attend the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities.

Initially, the academic standout who attends The Springfield High School of Science of Technology planned on only submitting applications to three Ivy League schools, but her loved ones encouraged her to apply to all eight. “I know her gifts and I basically made her apply to all the schools,” said her mother Valerie Williams. On Ivy Day—a day where Ivy League institutions release their admissions decisions online—Hannah found out that she was accepted to Columbia University, Brown University, Cornell University, Harvard University, Princeton University, Dartmouth College, Yale University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Hannah—who took several honors and AP courses over the past two years—says the Ivy League acceptances are the result of her hard work and perseverance. She also added her mother and sister were her support system throughout her entire academic journey. The senior, who has decided to attend Columbia University, is an aspiring medicinal chemist and plans on majoring in both biochemistry and African American studies. “I want my focus to be on increasing accessibility and making the medicine more affordable,” she said in a statement, according to the news outlet.

Hannah should be beyond proud of her accomplishment. Studies show that Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Columbia have overall acceptance rates that are below 7 percent.


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