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We meet people where they are. Instead of trying to force concepts on to people, we find concepts that are already relevant and weave our message inside of them.


Ash “Cash” Exantus has one professional goal. “I want to close the wealth gap for people of color,” the personal finance expert said. He has spent most of his career educating folks of about money matters, with a unique approach: His content targets the hip-hop community. It’s working.

“I have more than 70,000 books sold independently and four best-sellers,” he boasted.

Exantus doesn’t just preach financial literacy and planning principles as well as advocate for building Black wealth. He walks it like he talks it. The entrepreneur hits Instagram Live daily—he has more than 80k followers— and regularly hosts podcasts to talk cash with the masses. In honor of National Financial Awareness Day, NewsOne asked the money pro to talk wax poetic about financial services, business-building and what’s next. Read on to see what he had to say. 

NewsOne: Tell us about your company.

Ash Exantus: MindRight Money Management® is a financial education company that blends personal finance information with psychology, pop culture and relevant news to help reach core demos that haven’t historically had relationships with financial planning. Through workshops, seminars, money-management books, articles, online courses, and audio/video programs; we help reeducate people on how to properly use and grow money. We also offer spokesperson and custom financial education programs that can be branded or private-labeled for use on any website, micro-site, blog, mobile app, or newsletter.


NO: What made you interested in starting your company?

Exantus: As a former 15-year banking executive, I realized that financial education was failing us and we needed an outlet that can teach us about building wealth in a way that we can understand so that we can implement it and create wealth for generations to come.


NO: What’s special about your brand?

Exantus: We meet people where they are. Instead of trying to force concepts on to people, we find concepts that are already relevant and weave our message inside of them. As the saying goes, we put the medicine in the candy.


NO: How did you prepare for entrepreneurship?

Exantus: It was really trial and error. I took my experience as a banker and applied it to my own business. At first, I failed horribly but I kept going and learned from my mistakes.


NO: What are some of the unique challenges your business faces?

Exantus: With so much information available on the internet and social media, it becomes a challenge trying to differentiate our company from others. Our mission is helping to keep us pushing forward. The service will help uplift communities and break generational cycles of poverty. It will give us a sense of pride and give us the power to create a real community and not just neighborhoods.


NO: What’s next for your company?

Exantus: We’re focusing on television. We’re producing original content and aiming to reach the masses on a large scale.
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