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Jamar Mackey recently broke his silence over a disturbing viral video, that showed Virginia Beach cops falsely identify and handcuff him in a food court while he ate with his family.

He called the event a “very traumatic experience,” one that he wouldn’t wish on anyone, according to TMZ. Mackey thanked his community of supporters for sending well wishes during this time. His sentiments echoed those of his partner Kiara Love, who recorded the video of the Dec. 19 encounter and shared the footage with her followers on Facebook.

VBPD Chief Paul Neudigate formally apologized to Mackey on Monday afternoon, days after the incident took place on Saturday.

“First and foremost, we understand this is a traumatic event, so we’d like to take this opportunity to extend our apologies to Mr. Mackey,” Neudigate began.

But while he issued an apology, it still seems as if the VBPD is aiming to justify Mackey’s detainment. However, Neudigate says that the facts of the case are still being investigated and references that a third party ID’d Mackey as a suspect in a purse snatching where the owners credit card was used in the mall. The investigation is looking into whether the approach of the officers was justified as well as the usage of handcuffs.

Neudigate said he would like an opportunity to talk with Mackey over what transpired Saturday at the Lynnhaven Mall food court.

“I think it’s important the he hears from the chief that we’re sorry this happened to you.”

Neudigate also said that the officers did not have body cameras and should have been wearing masks, a main point of contention singled out by the local chapter of the NAACP, especially in light of how the coronavirus is affecting Black communities. Local advocacy groups like the NAACP have called the VBPD to task over Mackey’s detainment, and claim the VBPD has dodged efforts to discuss the incident.

The video begins with an officer cuffing Mackey while he sat at the table with his newborn son, Love and a young teen. Mackey and Love repeatedly tell the officer’s that they have the wrong individual, after the cops say they are looking for someone with a Black truck. The cop later says they were told the person of interest had long dreads and was with a boy with a red jacket. In the video, Love pans to the right as another Black family with a similar description exits the mall.

We’ll have to see how the story transpires and if any legal action will be taken against the VBPD over the Dec. 19 incident.


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