Racial Profiling

The comedian and actor posted a video showing "racism" at Colorado a hotel.

The lawsuit alleges a police culture of unchecked racism.

Shaw University President Paulette Dillard accused Spartanburg County deputies of racial profiling for stopping the HBCU's bus in South Carolina.

Pastor Michael Jennings of Childersburg, Alabama, was arrested while watering his neighbor's flowers in a viral video. Now he plans to sue.

A viral video purportedly shows a Black police graduate getting profiled by Texas cops.

The lack of compassion shown to Black children and teens is not new, but it's still jarring to watch.

Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland, who was arrested for menacing and apparently racially profiling pre-teens and teenagers in a church group in Iowa who he thought could be "drunk Indians," was not fired and kept his job while resisting calls to resign.

Bitsy Brennan was fired from her job and her son, Edward Brennan, was arrested on assault charges after a video went viral showing them confronting Black man Johnny Martinez, who was doing his job and checking for parking permits in a parking garage in Nashville, Tennessee.

A black man in Florida has filed a lawsuit against the Miami police after he claims five officers arrested him for stealing his own car.

A federal judge in Portland, Maine ruled that evidence found by state troopers during a traffic stop cannot be used in court because officers racially profiled a black motorist before pulling him over.

Mary MacCarthy, the mother, said she and her 10-year-old daughter, Moira, were flying from Los Angeles to Denver on October 22, on Soutwest Airlines when she was accused of trafficking her daughter.

A recent video posted to Tik Tok shows a Black man being pinned to his car by a bunch of police officers while the woman recording the video is heard aggressively explaining to the cops that they have the wrong guy and it was actually a couple of white men who accosted the Black man they decided to go after.