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If posing with avowed white supremacists wasn’t embarrassing enough, Kelly Loeffler is going full throttle to establish relevancy by launching a voter rights organization in the state of Georgia.

It’s the same state where Stacey Abrams spearheaded a collective to help push the state blue, ensuring that Loeffler, and her former colleague David Perdue, lost their Senate seats in a runoff election. In total Abrams’ organization Fair Fight helped deliver 800,000 Georgian voters and counting, to the polls.

Loeffler announced the creation of “Greater Georgia Action Inc.” on Monday via Twitter.

“As a senator, I was a voice for those who felt like their voice wasn’t being heard. But there is much more work to be done. We cannot leave behind the hard working Georgians who don’t fully participate in our democracy,” she said in an accompanying video.

On their donation page, Greater Georgia claims it intends to take back the state “from the radical liberal machine.”

All of this is coded language speaks to the thousands of Black voters who took to the polls in November and again in January, to elect Sens. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, two young progressive leaders.

Warnock replaced Loeffler, while Ossoff replaced Perdue in a closely watched, contentious race.

Fair Fight served as one of the leading on the ground efforts to mobilize Black voters faced with unprecedented and ongoing methods of voter suppression, upheld by local and state lawmakers.

Abrams launched Fair Fight shortly after she lost the 2018 gubernatorial race against Brian Kemp, the former Secretary of State. Abrams’ loss helped further expose the state’s history of voter suppression, which routinely targets Black communities throughout Georgia.

Prior to founding Fair Fight, Abrams co-founded The New Georgia Project, which worked in conjunction with Fair Fight and Black Voters Matter to register Black voters.

Loeffler’s announcement quickly gained criticism over her choice of imagery on the site, which reportedly was taken from a Moms Demand Action rally where Republican leaders cut the mics of organizers advocating for gun reform.

2022 may prove to be an interesting year in the state of Georgia as Loeffler and Perdue are reportedly planning on running against Warnock and Ossoff who will be up for re-election in the Senate.

Abrams’s supporters are also waiting with baited breath to see if Abrams will launch a second run against Kemp in 2022.


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