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The Proud Boys are so broke…

No, seriously folks, this is no joke — the Proud Boys are so broke that their leader is relying on the “Black Lives Matter” mantra to help generate cash for his sinking alt-right ship.

According to a deeply reported piece in the Wall Street Journal, the Proud Boys are on their last financial legs following the white supremacist insurrection at the Capitol earlier this year that left dozens of its members criminally charged for their roles in the domestic terror invasion of federal property as Congress tried to certify Joe Biden’s 2020 election win.

The Wall Street Journal may as well have reported that the Proud Boys should change their name to the Broke Boys, what with its chairman, Enrique Tarrio, reportedly resorting to printing “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts to earn money for his group.

Rallies Held Across America On Anniversary Of George Floyd's Death

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Proud Boys membership is lagging, too, and sales of merchandise on its website are also down. In addition, credit card companies, as well as online payment portals like PayPal, have refused to work with the Proud Boys, drastically affecting online sales. In fact, Tarrio has said he and the Proud Boys have been banned by multiple internet-based businesses that process online sales as well as the traditional banking system.

Social media sites got in on the act and banned the Proud Boys’ accounts, too.

Now, Tarrio has been reduced to printing up “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts at a warehouse in Miami.

The irony…

While the Proud Boys’ dire straits are nothing new, the looming collapse of the group was seemingly unimaginable just a few short months ago as Donald Trump‘s supporters coalesced to defend it from accusations of treason at the Capitol.

Tarrio told the Wall Street Journal in April that the Proud Boys were “bleeding money since January, like hemorrhaging money.” Since then, things have gotten considerably worse for the Proud Boys, which has seemingly become increasingly irrelevant.

Either way, it’s been a rough year for Tarrio, who just six months ago was enjoying the fruits of his notoriety as the leader of the Proud Boys.

But days after the insurrection, a bombshell report by Reuters alleged that Tarrio, 36, worked as an undercover informant for federal and local law enforcement following a 2012 arrest. His interactions with police continued as chairman of the Proud Boys and Tarrio would reportedly inform local law enforcement of their intended rallies across the different cities they frequented.

The optics also didn’t align with Tarrio’s purported image of a “patriot” who wishes to uphold “American values,” restoring it to its past “greatness.”

Days before the insurrection, Tarrio, 36, was arrested and released after pleading not guilty to three counts: destruction of property over burning a Black Lives Matter flag taken from a historically Black church, and two felony weapons charges. As part of his release, a D.C. Superior Court Judge barred Tarrio from entering city limits until a hearing this month.


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