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Where do I begin?

First, let me say I strongly believe in any attempted plot to harm Black people. I can support this belief with historical facts. I also strongly believe in the magic of melanin and other metta powers that can’t be proven through science. This belief, too, can be supported with historical facts but not proven.

I strongly believe in God but have strong issues with the origins of Christianity. I believe the King James Bible is the biggest conspiracy of all time, pulled off in part by plagiarizing ancient African religions. While I can support my opinion with historical facts as told by the Christian church (and the origins of all its sub-divisions), I could never present enough evidence to change the minds of those who want to believe – what they want to believe.

I was first intrigued by existential conspiracies through listening to members of the 5 Percent Nation. Shortly after, I was obsessively drawn to the history of secret societies because there were more traceable vestiges that connected the dots to contemporary activity. Further down the rabbit hole was a hare stew of actual conspiracy, coincidence and consequence. In order to prevent me from becoming Mel Gibson in the movie “Conspiracy,” I developed ways to filter information objectively while still believing in extreme possibilities. For example, if a whistleblower dies in a reported accident, the motives of those who may be exposed make me lean toward … a murder conspiracy.

While that’s textbook Conspiracy 101, it’s even more important in the process of examination when the perpetrators are big industries like Oil and Tobacco or government agencies like the CIA or FBI. When doing pale horse decoding, please remember the now popular phrase “two things can be true” is still basic thinking when it comes to clandestine plots. The truth is, two or MORE things can be true.

One of my favorite fictional references is Showtime’s “Homeland.” Cells within the same “government” can all be operating under the influence of manipulation for reasons that are both different and the same. That’s why “follow the money” is usually the best way to discern selfish private practices from general political agendas, such as policing democracy.

In the case of the COVID-19 vaccine, the main parties of suspicion lie in the pharmaceutical industry. The most common error is to conflate the checkered history of prescription drug malpractice with the history of common vaccines which are designed to prevent diseases such as Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and the Poliovirus.

When traveling to Africa, many countries require standard vaccinations for entry. When living in Africa, most countries require annual vaccination shots to prevent to spread of common diseases like Malaria. If “they” wanted to wipe out Black people, why wouldn’t they start with that vaccine?

The main vaccines being administered for COVID-19 derive from the following countries: United States (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson), England/Sweden (AstraZeneca, company merger), Russia (Sputnik V) and China (Sinovac). Since I believe everything should be questioned, I ask which of these drug companies are government-controlled and what dangerous component could each vaccine contain that facilitates world power leverage?

Before the pandemic, genealogy companies such as Ancestry and 23andMe were extremely popular as millions of people volunteered their DNA in order to learn more about their lineage. So my question here would be, how do we know these companies aren’t secretly operated by the government?

I don’t know.

What I do know is my family is big enough as is; I personally don’t care to have my DNA on file just so I can meet more cousins that I may not even like. That’s my personal choice. I tend not to get sick in the winter and don’t have any germy children so I’ve never gotten the flu shot. It’s my personal choice – and a choice that may work for me might not apply to my elderly mother or my friends with families.

Everyone’s immune systems, pre-existing conditions and living situations differ, which is why I believe the vaccine is a personal choice. However, when I express why I haven’t been vaccinated I find my reasoning is vastly different from most anti-vaxxers. It’s a prime example of how people can be grouped together under poll classification yet have totally different logic systems. For me, the only compelling argument for not getting the vaccination comes from those who don’t trust the rush to market. Otherwise, the explanations of surveillance and genocide stretch to an absurd imagination where drug consumerism and population control totally contradict each other. In D-boy terms, a dead dope fiend is one less customer.

One of the problems in discussion comes when a person raises a point such as “it’s not even FDA approved,” then when the other person counters with the actual long process of approvals and clinical trials, it’s met with disregard. More conflict ensues when mentioning this week’s FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine. Then, the same organization they used to support their theory is now a co-conspirator.

On the other hand, I try to not be dismissive of cases where individuals experienced severe complications after getting the shot. Nor do I make false equivalents with safety regulations such as seatbelts since the vaccine is a substance that goes in your bloodstream. We’re all crash test dummies which is why I try to avoid these dogmatic debates at all cost but the cynic in me sometimes can’t help to blow holes in theories with the following questions:

  • Assuming that is true, how would that work?
  • How many scientists, doctors executives and government officials would it take to do this all while keeping it confidential?
  • How does your theory scale globally?
  • What is the end game?
  • So Dr. Fauci worked his whole life to do what now?

The Marvel universe has too many of us caught up in an evil genius rapture. For a tangent cross-analogy, I’m happy Jadakiss secured enough infinity stones to make him a Rap God. While most will agree about his coronation to deity status, zealots will argue he’s “top five dead or alive” because the line has now manifested into New Testament significance. Meaning we all declare Jadakiss our lord yet some want to create a separate denomination that celebrates him as a savior too – do you see the point I’m making with this?

These same-side sub-divisions are problematic to healthy relationships that barely survived a stressful election year of civil unrest. We need safe spaces to toll over these decisions that are not just for ourselves but for our loved ones. It’s so unfair to feel the pressures of a catch-22 that may only exist in our minds. Time will reveal the uncertainty of medical effects but healing the emotional wounds will take time as we re-learn how to treat each other with respect and empathy.

Fundamentally, I am NOT anti-vaccine. I am vax-skeptic, which makes me pro-choice by default. My skepticism is based on personal feelings I have about some modern medical treatments and immoral capitalist greed which is why I’m more likely to believe these variants are nefariously man-manipulated than the actual vaccine of a global pandemic. Coming from a practical and socially responsible position, I am pro-vaccination.

All of my friends who I knew before they became doctors have taken the shot. However, according to random people I speak with, I don’t really know that to be true and my doctor friends are taking money under the table to give out shots. This also means, by Anti-Vax logic, if my doctor friends did take the shot, they must be part of a death cult.

I never want to be a person so stubborn in my opinion that I’m quietly wishing ill on others just to say I was right. In essence, the argument isn’t about science, it’s about humanity. Many who feel powerless are trying to prove a theory that is less about medicine and more about the “evil that men do,” all while being cruel to others who are equally powerless.

If by chance everyone who takes the vaccine dies, I’m not so sure I’d like being a survivor in a new world filled with gloating anti-vax extremists – they’d probably unearth this op-ed and use it as justification to kill me with the vaccine.


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