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Candace Owens congress testimony

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Candace Owens, the “Blexit” queen of tap dancing for white conservatives and still not getting an invite to the RNC, is apparently really upset that a private laboratory in Aspen, Colorado, has refused to test her for COVID-19 because she’s a COVID-denying, anti-vaxxing dumb-dumb who prefers substanceless conspiracy theories over actual science…which she erroneously thinks is responsible for Jim Crow…which she even-more-erroneously thinks anti-vaxxers are now experiencing.

Imagine thinking “anti-vax is the new Black” is a hill worth dying on.

Anyway, on Wednesday, the edgeless head sambo in charge went full virtual Karen (that’s a Karen who thinks Twitter is the universal manager for her to demand to speak to) in expressing how offended she is that even medical professionals wouldn’t touch her with a 10-foot syringe.

Apparently, a lot of people didn’t believe the woman whose sunken place has a sunken place because, for years, she has existed as a hub for partisan lies, misinformation and orange Kool-Aid-flavored Trump residue, so she vowed to come with receipts while being pretentious enough to use the word “thereafter” in a casual sentence.

In the email, Suzzanna Lee, owner of Rocky Mountain Labs, according to Newsweek, said Owens was denied a test because “we cannot support anyone who has pro-actively worked to make this pandemic worse by spreading misinformation.”

Here’s a question: Why doesn’t Miss “You can pry my medical freedom from my cold dead hands” just accept that a privately owned lab has the same freedom of choice to deny her that she has to deny reality? Why can’t she just get tested somewhere else instead of making a big to-do about being refused service?

The question is mostly rhetorical because the answer is clear: She’s a proven con artist who knows conservative outrage is her bread and butter.

Or maybe she’s just anxious to get tested because she doesn’t want to be yet another anti-vaxxing COVID-denier who ends up contracting the virus and dying or at least having to wipe up all the egg on her face. After all, rumors have floated around recently that Owens has been infected after she missed an event in Texas last week due to a “sudden illness.”

Either way, all she has to do is take her business…and her edgelessness…and her lap-dancing-for-white-nationalism ways elsewhere.

Imagine spending so much time and effort making yourself intolerable and then pretending to be shocked when it turns out a lot of people, even medical professionals, don’t like you.


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Candace Owens congress testimony
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