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Master P has been a renowned hip-hop businessman since establishing a historical means of independent distribution with his company No Limit Entertainment. Percy Miller has laid the path for his son Romeo to capture celebrity in his family’s name, started a sports agency for black athletes, and produced a number of films and albums that exact his opinion about ghetto struggle. In addition to building his own formidable career as a CEO, he has taken leadership as a social example for other the hip-hop generation, forswearing the danger of violent language in rap lyrics.

As an extension of the Lovable P  side, he will lead a conference in Kansas City at Penn Valley Community College in Missouri called Hip Hop and Entrepreneurship, meant to highlight the various cottage industries that have sprung out of the art form, and how other business-minded people can get involved. Along with Bakari Kitwana of NewsOne, and Chuck D of Public Enemy, Master P will enlighten those aspirants with his ambitious, generous world view.

The conference is scheduled for November 19th at 8:30 and can be seen via live webcast here. Given the problems hip-hop moguls have had keeping their cash safe, it might be signs of a new beginning.

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