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While the news coming out of Haiti since last week’s tragic earthquake has largely been devastating and hope-shattering, the stories of survivors being found and rescued after days of being trapped under rubble give other Haitians hope of finding their own loved ones.

The eyes of the world have been on Haiti since the earthquake, with Americans texting millions of dollars in pledges, celebrities making large donations both privately and via the Hope For Haiti telethon, and professionals of all kinds donating their time and talent in the ravaged island nation.

Stories of survival, like the ones listed below, buoy us all as the planet grapples with the enormous loss and tragedy. We’ll be collecting all the positive stories of rescue and families reunited here so keep checking back!

Smile Of Rescued Haitian Boy Captivates The World

Amid all the tragedy in Haiti, there are symbolic, if small signs of hope. A young Haitian boy, who was saved from the rubble by rescue workers after a week, had the smile he made after the rescue caught on camera. The picture has spread around the world.

WATCH the rescue here:


Haitian Man Found Unharmed After 11 Days Under Rubble

Port-au-Prince, Haiti — French rescue workers pulled a 24-year-old man alive from the rubble of a hotel in Haiti on Saturday, 11 days after an earthquake devastated much of the country.

Wismond Jean-Pierre, who had no visible injuries but was severely dehydrated, was immediately loaded into an ambulance and taken to a hospital for treatment.

Lt. Col. Christophe Renou, a rescuer with the French team, called the three-hour effort “a miracle” as he was briefly overcome with emotion. Other members of the team — assisted by American and Greek workers — were seen weeping with joy following the rescue.

“This is God,” Frank Louvier, the chief of the French rescue team, said as he pointed to the sky.


VIDEO: Haitian Woman Rescued After 6 Days Under Rubble

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that has killed tens of thousands in Haiti, one woman was found alive after six days, trapped under the rubble of a collapsed bank.



“Hope For Haiti” Telethon Raises $58 Million

Los Angeles, California — Friday night’s star-studded “Hope for Haiti” telethon has raised a record-breaking $58 million, with more donations continuing to pour in from around the world, the benefit’s organizers announced Saturday.

The preliminary figure is a record for donations made by the public through a disaster relief telethon, according to a news release from telethon organizers.

WATCH select performances here:

Jennifer Hudson, “Let It Be”

Jay Z, Bono & Rihanna, “Haiti, Mon Amour”

Beyonce, “Halo”