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As part of an ongoing investigation, the FBI raided the offices of the Sergeants Benevolent Association in New York. The Associated Press reported that the FBI also raided the home of Ed Mullins, the union’s president.  

A regular on right-wing outlets, Mullins is known for his outlandish commentary and suspected QAnon support. It’s said he runs the SBA’s Twitter account, which is often used to promote divisive commentary.  

Scott Hechinger, founder and executive director of Zealous, an organization that trains and supports public defenders, shared a tweet by Mullins.  

“This is written by Ed Mullins, the head of the NYPD Sergeant’s Union, “tweeted Hechinger. “A hate-filled, violent racist. Calling a New Yorker an ‘asshole.’ And who De Blasio and NY Democrats caved to in repealing a new bail reform *during a pandemic* to jail more Black people.” 

Hechinger pointed to some of Mullins’ finer moments in a Twitter thread, noting several instances where the sergeant promoted divisive rhetoric and violence. In one tweet, Mullins announced that the NYPD was going to war with Mayor Bill De Blasio.

Mullins made headlines last year after he posted information about Mayor Bill De Blasio’s daughter being arrested. Last June, the New York Daily News reported that Mullins posted personal information, including her Department of Motor Vehicles identification number and birth date, violating Twitter’s terms of service.  

An NYPD sergeant, Mullins, has been the subject of an ongoing misconduct investigation stemming from the incident with De Blasio’s daughter and using offensive language directed at public officials. The Gothamist reported back in February that the beleaguered sergeant was confident he would triumph. 

Reports indicate Mullins is suing NYPD by claiming the department tried to silence him. He sees no problem with his abuse and antagonizing elected officials. 

Rep. Ritchie Torres tweeted about the raid, noting that Mullins once called him a “first-class whore” for questioning the SBA during his tenure on the city council.  

As union president, Mullins represents approximately 13,000 current and former NYPD sergeants. NBC News reported it is the fifth-largest police union in the country. Additional information provided indicated the public corruption unit of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York was also involved in the raid.

Although Mullins remains on the NYPD’s payroll, he does not have a specific assignment. Per NBC, he also draws a full-time salary from the union.

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