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Trump Supporters Continue Election Protests At Georgia State House

Then-Democratic Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones speaks to supporters of Donald Trump host a ‘Stop the Steal’ protest outside of the Georgia State Capital building on November 21, 2020, in Atlanta. | Source: Megan Varner / Getty

Vernon Jones, the former Democratic Georgia state Rep.-turned MAGA man who hopes to become the Peach State’s next Republican governor, is finding that his descent into the sunken place hasn’t happened very smoothly as white people are still white people and for him to be the quintessential “Black friend,” his background must show that he’s the squeaky-clean Blacky-lackey white Republicans who endorsed him always wanted him to be.

As we previously reported, Jones recently found himself on the wrong side of white fragility when he sat down with right-wing podcaster Stew Peters, who grilled him about a lawsuit he was hit with in 2010 when he was Dekalb County’s first Black CEO. Jones was accused of being part of a scheme to replace white managers in the county’s Parks and Recreation Department with Black managers because white people think they’re entitled to the domination of literally every workforce everywhere. A mostly white jury sided with two of the plaintiffs in the suit and Jones was ordered to pay them a butt-load of money.

Peters questioned him on the incident and basically accused him of being racist against white people—to the point where Jones got frustrated and walked off the set. 

*Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers enters the chat.*

Because white Republicans are desperate to earn as many “See, I’m not racist” points as they can, many of them are always on the hunt for a Black conservative to endorse. So, Jones got plenty of GOP support from Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, who suggested he run for to be Georgia’s next governor in the first place.

But after the interview with Peters, some of Jones’ overseers…I mean, backers have been jumping ship, including Rogers, who earlier this month, demanded that Jones “remove my endorsement off all campaign materials and website immediately.”

On Monday, Rogers tweeted about it again saying Jones still has her endorsement up and she wants it removed, but Jones’ campaign was like, “Hold up, non-sis, you got the endorsement on your page too!”

Rogers responded by invoking a term she likely knows has a certain connotation when applied to Black people, and particularly Black people of the house negro persuasion.

“Sounds like tap-dancing,” she wrote. “Website endorsement page is not the same as an old tweet. Keep dancing.”

On one hand, Rogers was likely being racist as hell with that remark.

On the other hand—Vernon Jones do be tap-dancing tho.

At this point, Jones is drowning in the sea of extra-caucasified whiteness that he chose to dive into, but we all know he’ll continue trying to swim.


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