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The world has been in heavy discussion over the past week since the October 21 shooting on the set of the film “Rust,” which left 42-year-old cinematographer Halyna Hutchins dead at the hands of the film’s lead star, Alec Baldwin.

Everyone in the film industry has been weighing in with thoughts about what went wrong and what could’ve been done to avoid such a tragedy, and even hip-hop mogul Master P had an opinion based on his lengthy career in music videos and film production.

The rapper, born Percy Miller, spoke candidly with TMZ about the loss of Hutchins, who he says ironically was also on the production team of his 2019 film “I Got the Hook-Up 2.” He says her death is unfortunate but also is a lesson in why film crews have to be adamant when it comes to doing safety checks in situations like this. “When I’m shooting these movies, it’s action-packed,” he says of making sure it doesn’t happen when he’s in the director’s chair, further adding, “I’m checking the guns myself.”

He also credits his upbringing in New Orleans as a primary reason for how he managed to avoid a situation like the shooting that occurred on the set of “Rust.” He admitted that growing up around people with “real guns” in Louisiana during the 80s and 90s taught him everything, simply stating, “we know what to look for.”

He closed out his comments with yet another honest hot take, saying that although Alec Baldwin fired the gun accidentally, he along with the rest of the crew on Rust will more than likely get blamed due to a life being lost and in the court of law, as he frankly put it, “ignorance is not exempt.”

Watch the clip of Master P speaking on the viral Alec Baldwin on-set shooting below, and let us know if you agree with the “Bout It, Bout It” emcee:


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