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We’ve been following Myronn Rolle for a while now. He is an NFL prospect from the  Florida State University who was awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship for excellence in academics and athletics. He recently impressed scouts at the Senior Bowl. Here’s what sports writer, Dave Hyde said about him.

1. Talked to an NFL scout at the Senior Bowl. With the predictable over-reaction about Tim Tebow — and somehow, I think he’ll get this snap from center figured out that has everyone in a tizzy – this scout was more intrigued with former Florida State safety Myron Rolle.

“He’s looking great,” the scout said.

Rolle, of course, took the year off to study abroad as a Rhodes Scholar. Now he’s ready to start his footbal career and, “for a guy who hasn’t played in a while he’s done everything you’d want,” the scout said. “He’s making people notice him. No one really came here thinking about him and he’s jumped out a little.”

Where will he go?

“Second round, I’m guessing, maybe third,” he said. “He’s got so many things outside football that he might get downgraded just a little because you might wonder in three or four years what he’s going to do.”


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