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Made For Adventure: How Black Business Owner Ade Neff Is Making His Community More Beautiful

Nissan Made for Adventure

Source: Nissan

Brought to you by Nissan

Meet Ade Neff, a Black business owner of a bicycle store in South Los Angeles, where he said the absence of any real bike shop in his community prompted him to open his own.

Ride On! bike shop repairs, sells and rents bikes. But Neff said his shop is also all about educating and working with local officials and organizations in order to help people be more comfortable riding bikes safely.

“That was the catalyst for me,” he said.

Neff credits another motivational factor for opening his own bike shop: an ancient proverb:

“If one sees beauty and one does not acknowledge beauty, they will soon be poor,” the proverb says.

By opening the shop, Neff is effectively acknowledging the beauty in the world while also contributing his own beauty via the store, he said.

“I’m gonna find the beauty and create joy and have a good time” no matter where he is, Neff said.

Made for Adventure, brought to you by Nissan, celebrates African Americans who seek adventure on the path less traveled. Nissan believes the road less traveled is where you find adventure at every turn.