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For people who constantly get their stars and stripes tighty-whites all in a bunch over their misguided understanding of what Critical Race Theory is because they’re obsessed with protecting the comfort of white people, conservative politicians sure do seem to be eerily comfortable around white supremacist racism—even when it shows up on their staff. 

Republican gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines is, apparently, pretty on-brand for what passes for leadership in the Lone Star State. Huffines recently found out one of his campaign staffers is a passionate advocate for white nationalism and could easily double as a grand wizard speechwriter, and his response to discovering he employs a loud and proud racist was basically, “Eh…he’s the homie though.”

According to the Texas Tribune, the Huffines staffer, Jake Lloyd Colonizer…sorry, I mean Colglazier, has previously done fieldwork for the GOP hopeful’s campaign. In 2020, Colglazier said on his YouTube channel that he wants to “restore historical American culture” by “maintaining a supermajority of the original stock of the United States, and maintaining a homogeneity.” In other words: Colglazier wants to make America white AF again and take the nation back to a time when whiteness reigned supreme and the coloreds were few, powerless and subjugated. (A lot of people of color would argue there’s not much in current America for him to change. If America was a ham sandwich, Colglazier is just looking to scape off most of the mustard and add a little extra mayo.)

Colglazier warned that “we’re nearing the demographic cliff,” which means he joins other white conservatives in their fear of “great replacement theory,” which generally revolves around white people’s paranoia that they’re being replaced by non-white immigrants and Black people who will reproduce faster than they will and gain more political and economic power. (It’s basically CRT for white people—we’re still waiting for Republican lawmakers across the country to move to ban it into oblivion though.)

According to the Tribune, “On another livestream platform, he mocked a woman who appears to be Asian, saying she needed to be in China “getting the shit beat out of her by her husband” and “in another post, he said, “I spit on George Floyd.”

So being that Huffines is looking to be the next leader of Texasa state that passed a law last year dropping requirements for educators to give lessons on the teachings of MLK as well as lessons teaching that the Ku Klux Klan was “morally wrong” just because those lessons might make white people feel bad—surely he isn’t going to keep someone on staff whose entire ideology is sure to make Texas citizens of color feel terrible, right?

“If I were to go through the social media history of any young Texan I would find something I disagree with,” Huffines said in an emailed statement to the Tribune. “My campaign will not participate in cancel culture.” 

Really? Cancel culture?

Even if “cancel culture” was an actual thing, which it isn’t, we’re not talking about someone who told an offensive joke, WE’RE TALKING ABOUT AN UNABASHED WHITE SUPREMACIST WHO DROPPED AN ENTIRE KLAN-IFESTO VIA YOUTUBE!!!

If Huffines is that comfortable with having the real-life version of Calvin Candie on staff, why should anyone believe that he truly disagrees with what Colglazier has to say?

Also, I just really wish conservatives would stop griping about “cancel culture.” Again, Republicans have engaged in an all-out effort to “cancel” Black history based on their non-understanding of CRT. They seek to “cancel” athletes for kneeling during the national anthem. They tried to “cancel” democracy after their president lost his reelection. They’ve moved to “cancel” books on Martin Luther King Jr., Ruby Bridges and generally everything that gets in the way of white people’s delusional understanding of what America is and has always been.

Conservatives participate in “cancel culture” on a larger scale than any of the progressive “snowflakes” they love to chide for trying to hold bigots accountable. The form of “cancel culture” they oppose exists almost exclusively on social media—their form of “cancel culture” gets presented before Congress and in education boardrooms. 

But when it comes to “canceling” white supremacy, they simply don’t participate.


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