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Normally, when white politicians start describing Black opponents as unintelligent, my caucasity radar starts going wild and I know racism is happening. This goes especially for white Republicans because this is the party that elected a guy who suggested injecting disinfectant as a possible cure for COVID-19. This is the party where actual lawmakers believed widespread voter fraud and sentient Skynet voting machines who love President Joe Biden is what cost Donald Trump a second term. This is the party that made Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert—the Karen equivalents of Diamond and Silk—a thing in Congress. Who the hell are these people to call anyone dumb?

On the other hand, Herschel Walker does appear to be really f****** dumb.

So when a spokesperson for Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black—who is the opposite of what his surname might indicate—said in a statement, according to 11 Alive, that “Herschel Walker isn’t smart enough to debate anybody,” and that “He and his team know he’d be humiliated,” I was conflicted. One side of my brain said, “Hol’ up, pasty non-Black, your Klan-derwear is showing,” while the other side of my brain asked, “OK, but is he wrong though?”

For those who don’t know, Black is one of Walker’s opponents in the Republican primary race to represent Georgia in the U.S. Senate. But Walker doesn’t seem to understand that he has to campaign against his primary opponents before he can go up against Raphael Warnock, the Democrat who currently occupies the Senate seat he’s aiming for.

“It’s time for Herschel Walker to get out and discuss these issues and we’re going to help him with that in the coming weeks,” Black said.

Black was asked by reporters if Walker had accepted any debate challenges and he answered, “No. And if I was his consultant, I’d keep him hidden as well.”

Walker was asked if he was willing to debate any of his opponents in the GOP primary and he answered, “I’m thinking about debating with Raphael Warnock. That’s who I need to be debating right now.”

Nah, bruh, you need to be debating your primary opponents before you get to the general election because that’s how political elections have worked since, well, forever, my guy.

But Walker went on to characterize debating Republicans as “playing games.” (I mean, he’s not exactly wrong about that, but still.)

“I’m not going to play games,” Walker continued. “I’m not going to do any of that. People are speaking. Herschel is here to debate Raphael Warnock because I’m going to win this primary and going to win the general as well. I think it’s playing games when you’ve got people out on the street that are starving to death, people out on the street, that now the supply line is drying up. We’ve got the war. We’re almost at the brink of war.”

Now, I’m not sure why Walker thinks not debating his primary opponents will aid “people out on the street that are starving to death,” the “war” or the “supply line—and I’m just going to assume he’s talking about the Russian invasion of Ukraine—but that obviously is not how any of this works.

One could easily believe Walker is trying to avoid complicated questioning. Just look at the way he responded when 11 Alive asked him about past domestic violence allegations against him reported to police by multiple women.

“Well, where if the incident was true. Where violence against women, you have to decide for yourself whether that’s true,” he said. “And anything else, I think people have got to judge that. I think people in Georgia know who I am. I wrote a book about it,” attributing the incidents to mental health issues. I think women are safer with Herschel Walker than anyone. Because I am the safe candidate in this race.”

Bruuuuuuuh—”It’s up to y’all to decide if I’m a woman abuser,” is the worst way a politician can respond to questions about domestic violence accusations. 

Look, all I’m saying is this is the guy who claimed he knew of a magic mist one can spray in their doorway that will “clean you of COVID” when they walk through it. This is the man who was once asked how he would’ve voted on the bipartisan $555 billion infrastructure bill enacted on Nov. 15 of last year, and he answered, “I’d have to see all the facts,” which generally means this aspiring senator doesn’t keep up with even the most widely reported and detailed legislation being passed.

Plus, every time he speaks publicly, he generally sounds like this:

On the other hand, this walking word salad with all the political knowledge of Trump’s living toupee is still currently at the top of the polls in the GOP senate race. So maybe his level of intelligence is actually perfectly on-brand for his party.

I’m just saying, none of them appear to be very smart.


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