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A lot of us are just done with all the reality TV show-like political theater Republicans have engaged in surrounding the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. Senator and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney appears to still be riding the fence like it’s a circus merry-go-round (he has the circus part right at least), but even he appears to be a little irritated at many of his fellow Republican lawmakers’ racist and sexist behavior and line of questioning directed at the first Black woman to ever be nominated to the Supreme Court let alone hold the position.

Romney still doesn’t know which way he’s leaning though.

“I’ll complete that analysis and then reach a decision, but I’ve not reached my decision,” Romney told CNN.

As CNN noted, Romney voted against Jackson last year when she was slated to fill a vacant seat on the bench of a Washington DC-based appellate court. She was confirmed for that position anyway, of course, but Romney seems to believe there’s more available information on her now than there was then, so now he’s ready to really dig his heels into things and make an informed decision.

“I have begun a deeper dive, a much deeper dive than I had during the prior evaluation,” Romney said, adding that “in this case, as well, she’s gone into much more depth talking about her judicial philosophy that she had before. And we’re, of course, looking at her judicial record, as a district judge and as an appellate judge, in far more depth than we had before.”

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Eh. It really just sounds like he’s stalling to make it look good before voting along party lines like the rest of his ilk, but whatever. Let’s fast forward to when he starts calling out his colleagues (in the softest, most polite way possible, but still).

“Some colleagues on my side of the aisle, I thought, asked respectful questions, and were able to elicit responses from her that I think we’re very helpful to those that are making an evaluation,” he said. He then went on to, again, politely, criticize his other colleagues saying, “I thought some were preparing for their presidential campaign. And were, if you will, doing the things you have to do to get on TV, which I think is unfortunate.”

“I think any setting like this, that doesn’t show respect for the witness, or in this case, the judge, is not the right way for us to go,” he continued. “We should show, in my opinion, more respect for one another. And so sometimes the rhetoric was a little hot. But I think in the final analysis, we’ll each be able to make our decision based upon our personal interviews with Judge Jackson, and with the results that come from these hearings.”

Hmmm. Has this man ever actually met his party? This is the closest GOPropagandists get to honesty and civility, I suppose.

It’s just a good thing Democrats don’t actually need them to confirm Jackson.


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