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Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Launches First Campaign Tour

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We will always be in the business of giving Black women their flowers during peak accomplishments, especially when that includes reaching new financial heights on the road towards success.

Thankfully for Stacey Abrams, Democratic hopeful in the upcoming 2022 Georgia governor election, her riches have come the honest way by abiding by the law while also putting herself in a position of power to make positive changes within it as well.

Just how big is the Buffy The Vampire Slayer buff banking in, you ask? Think multimillions, baby!

The recent headlines surrounding Abrams’ millionaire status aren’t to solely gloat on her behalf. The matter of her current financial standing actually shows great potential for a win in the 2022 Georgia gubernatorial election being that her lack of funds was negatively thrown against her during the 2018 run. As AP News reports, Abrams faced criticism from then-opponent and current Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for owing $54,000 to the IRS in self-employment taxes she didn’t pay on time — the money was used instead to help her parents raise a granddaughter and medical bills relating to cancer treatments. There also was $96,000 in student loan debt and $83,000 in accumulated credit card debt. Thankfully she was able to pay it all off in 2019.

More on how Stacey Abrams got her pockets in order to fit her potential governor status below, via AP News:

“Seth Bringman, an Abrams campaign spokesperson, said she gave 37 paid speeches in 2021, including a 12-stop fall tour of stand-alone appearances. She’s written, co-written, or reissued six books since 2019, with another reissue on the way later this year.

Abrams was also paid more than $700,000 over three years as executive director of the Southern Economic Advancement Project, an affiliate of the Roosevelt Institute that seeks to improve economic equity in the South. Abrams has reported no income from Fair Fight Action, the voting rights group she founded and formerly chaired.

Abrams, who last year released a business book with a longtime business partner, also reports investments in a number of companies. Some are longtime holdings including Now Account Network Corp., which finances businesses by buying invoices. Abrams in November joined the board of Heliogen, a California company that seeks to use sunlight to concentrate heat for industrial processes, electricity generation and hydrogen fuel production. Abrams reported $65,000 in Heliogen stock.”

Overall, the official numbers ring in her earnings at $6 million, driven mostly by $5 million in payments for books and speeches.

It’s expected that Republicans will try and use her millionaire status as a way to paint her as an elitist distant from the common Georgian. Abrams responded to the GOP flack in an interview by stating, “It is remarkable to me that success is now being demonized by the Republicans,” also adding, “I believe in success. I believe that every person should have the opportunity to thrive. And because I had three years where I was in the private sector, I leveraged all three years, and in that time, I’ve done my best to not only be successful personally but to do what I can to help Georgians.”


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