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It’s 2022 and there are still cops out there who don’t realize that their online activities can lose them their jobs. And that’s a wonderful thing because honestly, we need them to reveal themselves. Now, I know too many of us, calling a cop a white supremacist is like calling Bambi’s mother a deer (RIP *sobs*), but one now-former Illinois police officer has been outed as a Klan-ish cop in the most explicit sense. He told us who he is, and now he’s done patrolling Springfield, Illinois, streets because of it.

Meet now-former Springfield Police Department Officer Aaron Paul Nichols.

According to HuffPost, Nichols, 46, joined the police department in 2004, which means for the better part of two decades, a man who proudly hates Jewish people, Black people and, well, basically anyone who isn’t an Anglo-Saxon with cross burning, seasonless food and minimal showers in their blood, was tasked with enforcing the law without prejudice. (At least that’s what cops say they do. They lying, but whatever.)

Fortunately, Anonymous Comrades Collective (ACC), an organization HuffPost described as “a group of anti-fascist researchers,” exposed the copwho would likely trade handcuffs for nooses and make the first day of the Holocaust an international holiday if he had his way—by unearthing social media posts Nichols made while having a job that allowed him to carry a deadly weapon.

“If I found a genie and I had one wish? The Jews would be a distant memory in 72 hours,” he allegedly posted, according to ACC.

He also is said to have posted that “Hitler did nothing wrong,” and that he’s “a supporter of as many holocausts as it takes to cleanse this world of Talmudic influence,” 

But bringing back the Third Reich apparently wasn’t the KK-Kop’s only wish. Nichols also, apparently, wanted to make hate crimes great again.

“When I seize power, ‘hate crimes’ will be encouraged,” he wrote, according to researchers.

“I have metal stamps,” he reportedly wrote in another post. “I think I’ll just stamp 14/88 into every n****r quarter I get.”

Most of us don’t speak fluent slave patroller, so HuffPost was kind enough to translate noting that “the number 14 refers to a white supremacist slogan, and 88 refers to ‘HH,’ or ‘Heil Hitler.’”

Nichols is apparently racist in such a traditionally American sense that he even blames Black people for white people’s crimes.

“N****rs ruin everything,” another post of his read. “Even if it’s White doing the stealing they’re likely selling the meat to Black-run restaurants or trading it to n****rs for dope. Real talk.” (“Real talk?” Imagine hating Black people this much but also using terminology we created. The caucasity I tell ya’.)

Anyway, it appears that Nichols did make an attempt to hide his identity while posting his Dollar Store white supremacy manifesto, but since bigots tend to be dumb, he didn’t do a very good job of it.

From HuffPost:

Nichols left a trail of breadcrumbs leading to his unmasking, including sharing details about his family, his time in the police force, and his location. Several racist posts on Twitter under the account name “SPD584” were traced to a Periscope account with the same handle, which included his full legal name. Researchers were able to connect the Twitter account to an account on the far-right social media website Gab with the same name. On Gab, where extremism and hate speech proliferate, Nichols shared a photo of his partially obscured face in one of his anonymous posts.

So, last Friday, the Springfield Police Department said it had launched an investigation into Nichols and his posts, but that didn’t end up mattering because, on Tuesday, Nichols resigned instead of meeting with investigators, the department said.

Hopefully, he isn’t just hired by some other police department—hopefully. 


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