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Listen: On a good day, Marjorie Taylor Greene and logic are what magnets are to plastic, but ever since late show host Jimmy Kimmel told a joke implying that Will Smith should slap her like he did Chris Rock over her remarks about Ketanji Brown Jackson, Greene has shown the boundlessness of her delusion, hypocrisy and her hypersensitivity—and to be honest, her klanny-nanny meltdown is becoming pretty damn hilarious to watch.

Grene tweeted about the joke Wednesday going full KK-Karen calling Kimmel’s remarks “threats of violence” and claiming she’s reported said “threats” to the Capitol police. Since then, Greene and Kimmel have been engaged in a good old-fashioned Twitter beef.

Well, it actually isn’t much of a beef. For it to be beef, both parties would need to be invested in the conflict. In this case, MTG appears to be big mad while Kimmel is bigmeh. 

“Officer? I would like to report a joke,” Kimmel responded to Greene’s fake damsel in distress routine.

MTG responded to Kimmel by, well, losing her damn mind.

You weren’t joking. You hide your misogyny and your racism behind your ‘jokes’ on @ABC,” she tweeted. “This was a dog whistle to the violent left to assault me or worse, and your already inspiring fantasies of violence against me. How many new death threats will I get that are your fans?”


First of all, what racism? Greene and Kimmel are both white AF. Secondly, misogyny? This coming from the self-MAGA-manny-fied woman who reduced women everywhere down to the “weaker sex” formed from “Adam’s rib?” This is like if Clarence Thomas called his own wife out for her systemic racism.

MTG even went as far as to call Kimmel out for dog-whistling. This demonstrably racist and Islamaphobic white nationalist is really out here cribbing terminology made popular by anti-white racism advocates. Booooy, my 2022 bingo card continues to be way off.

As far as her claims of violent threats against her, the fine folks on Twitter had a field day pointing out with receipts that she has blatantly called for violence against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Squad, and Democrats in general.

Others pointed out that while Greene is clutching her pearls over Kimmel’s joke, she also praised Smith for smacking Rock—so, what the hell is she even mad about?

As for Kimmel, he appeared to continue to not GAF about whatever the hell MTG is babbling about.

That prompted MTG to claim that Kimmel’s fans have been harassing her. She had voice recordings no one could possibly authenticate that purported to show at least two men (who sounded like the same man, honestly) saying they would love to see her get pummeled by Smith.

To be fair, MTG is a terrible human being and people like to fantasize about terrible human beings getting beat up. Plus, how is this worse than her being caught on video stalking Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Greene even thanked Matt Gaetz, the commander-in-sexual-violence-allegations, for backing her in her Kimmel rage and defending the “weaker sex.” (This woman is really out here trying to make calling women weak a campaign slogan.)

The fact that every complaint Greene posts about this benign Kimmel joke only makes her look more ridiculous to nearly everyone and gets her dragged up and down the internet makes this whole non-troversy fun to watch. This is just pure comedy.


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