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Being Black in America ain’t easy.

It’s a constant battle of trying to feel like you belong in a country that was built atop your pain. The average Black American makes less money than their average white counterpart, they are far more likely to be harassed by police and are more likely to live below the poverty line.

But times are different now. And although racial tensions still seem to keep us divided, life for Black people in America is far more flexible than it has been in the past.

Yes, the pandemic was devastating.

But if there is one silver lining that has come from the past two years, it’s that the traditional American workplace has shifted and will never look the same.

According to a report by Future Forum, more than 80% of non-White workers prefer a hybrid to a fully remote work arrangement.  This means many Black Americans could have the opportunity to live abroad and still be productive in their work lives.

Here are 5 countries that will welcome any Black Americans looking to relocate abroad.

1. Costa Rica

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If you’re a Black American looking to relocate to the south Caribbean, then Costa Rica is a great choice. A recent article in The Guardian highlighted a small relocation business called Life-A-Holic Costa Rica. Created by Davia Shannon in March 2016, the business focuses on guiding Black Americans through the process of relocating their lives to Costa Rica. Its unique way of life allows Blacks who’ve been indoctrinated into western world ideologies, to break free and build a life with people of the African diaspora in Costa Rica. Shannon has helped more than 170 Black and brown people from the U.S. relocate to Costa Rica. Click here to learn more about Life-A-Holic Costa Rica. 

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2. Ghana

Ghana is a vibe. So much so that more than 4,000 Black Americans currently reside there. In 2019 Ghana’s president invited Blacks in the U.S to return to the county and learn about their true ancestry. 2020’s summer of Black unrest pushed even more Blacks towards wanting to relocate abroad. Although jobs are scarce in Ghana, real estate and online businesses are booming. The opportunity for Black Americans to build a life in Ghana is in abundance.

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3. Senegal

If you are a Black American looking to reconnect with your roots then Senegal is another great place to relocate abroad. Its history is rich in tradition and its future looks bright. Rapper and mogul Akon is building a city there that will be a ‘safe haven’ for Blacks looking to flee racial injustices all around the world. The city plans to run entirely on solar power and will use Akon’s cryptocurrency for money.

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4. Colombia

Colombia’s black population is one of the largest in the world outside of Africa, Brazil, and the U.S. It was one of the stops during the trans-Atlantic slave trade and has a rich history of Black people on its shores. Its Afro-Caribbean lifestyle is very intriguing to Blacks looking to escape western traditions. Although the country still struggles with racism, African heritage is ingrained into the culture with music and dance at its core. They also openly celebrate Afro-Colombian Day as a nation, which is the celebration of the abolition of slavery in Colombia.

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5. Thailand

The Thai people are regarded as friendly folks and Black Americans who have relocated there have said they feel safer than in America. If you can deal with some occasional stares, then Thailand could be a relocation destination for you. Teaching English is always a readily available job for Americans. cost of living is also very affordable compared to the states. Residents have easy access to affordable healthcare and healthy food.


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