Amid Labor Day, work still remains to ensure federal government jobs are creating real economic advancement for Black people, NAACP President Derrick Jackson and CWA President Claude Cummings write.

Catoctin Furnace's groundbreaking DNA discovery helps a woman find family ties and sheds light on hidden Black ancestral connections.

The right-wing tabloid's article went live after two victims were killed.

Two of the U.S. citizens were found dead.


Supporters of the bill say it would "restore bodily autonomy to incarcerated folks" and help more people of color find a match for donors.


Black Americans were over 38% of arrests in 2020.

The singer's diagnosis is shocking as the disease rarely affects Black Americans. 


In an op-ed, the founder of the National Black Cultural Information Trust, Inc., writes that reparations requires building collective power.

Here are some countries that will welcome any Black Americans looking to relocate abroad.

Race Matters

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested Black Americans aren't actually Americans when he said about the voting rights filibuster, "If you look at the statistics, African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans."

Researchers found that Black Americans who have spent time behind bars were 65% more likely to die prematurely than their white counterparts.

A recent study conducted by psychiatrist Paul Nestadt found that while suicides among White Marylanders decreased by 45 percent between early March and May, rates of suicide-related deaths among Black people in the state spiked by 94 percent during the same time period.