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The commercial showed recruiting in Africa.

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A group of Black American women shown twerking at Ghana’s historic slave trading post Cape Coast Castle has sparked a social media backlash, but is it deserved?

Prince Asante Sefa-Boakye, a former water polo pro player, is on a mission to promote diversity in the sport by introducing it to Ghana.

Vice President Kamala Harris gave an emotional speech at Cape Coast Castle, Ghana's historic slave trading post. Read the full speech here.


Vice President Kamala Harris made her triumphant arrival in Ghana on Sunday as she begins a weeklong stay in Africa in an effort to help deepen "enduring" ties to the United States.

Workers in Twitter's office in Ghana spoke out.


Her collection includes clutch bags, beaded jewelry and clothing. She says her creations were " born out of the joy of being able to re-purpose and create something beautiful out of everyday African print fabrics."

Here are some countries that will welcome any Black Americans looking to relocate abroad.


Passengers speak to NewsOne exclusively on their experience with EgyptAir losing their luggage as they were en route to Ghana.

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Hundreds of social media posts claim that passengers traveling to Ghana have been left without luggage or answers as EgyptAir lost their belongings.


Ebenezer Azamati, 25, has been suspended after he was the one who was attacked.

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A new children’s museum centered on African history and culture is officially coming to Baltimore.