Black people

While we remember the past, let’s not forget about our own current well-being.

Not only are police killings of other Black people traumatic events, but that trauma diminishes the ability of Black communities to thrive.

It was easier to fire cops for consensual sex than it often is to fire cops for killing Black people.

As long as racism persists in education, students of color may never be able to completely avoid racial battle fatigue.

Some Black people experience discrimination due to negative social stigmas around the common skin condition.

We can't forget those times — albeit few and far in between — when Barbara Walters interviewed Black history makers and produced some of the most riveting and must-see TV journalism of all time.

Kwanzaa is not just any “Black holiday.” It is a recognition that knowledge of Black history is worthwhile.

Dalvin Gadson filed a federal lawsuit against three members of the Colorado Springs Police Department involved in a violent stop.

A Washington man was sentenced to two years in prison for making interstate threats toward Black people.

After a contentious year filled with racially motivated killings and police brutality deaths, Black men and women are strapping up to protect themselves.

Jason Whitlock, of all people, accused Deion Sanders of abandoning Black people by leaving Jackson State University. The irony...

The lawsuit alleges a police culture of unchecked racism.