Harold Staten, 71, was finally released last week.


Black folks have been a big part of the history of the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans throughout the decades.

Black History Month

The neglected history of Black mapmaking in America shows the creative ways in which Black people have historically used mapping to document their stories.


Pride in the Pews hosted the State of the Black Church Symposium at Spelman College to address queerphobic theologies and foster advocacy through discussions with LGBTQ+ faith leaders.


While melanin does offer some protection by absorbing UV radiation, it doesn't make Black individuals immune to skin cancer.

Since the change was implemented by election officials in July, almost all voting rights restorations in the state have been halted.


Black women are more likely to have a Black spouse, according to a new study.

Race Matters

The cultural perception surrounding swimming in the Black community has shifted.


Actions have consequences.

These good luck traditions are generational.


This is the history of places where Black people were threatened if caught there after dark.

One of American history’s most poignant and overlooked aspects is what Christmas was like for slaves on the plantation.