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It’s been roughly 10 months since ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was sentenced to more than 22 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd. During that time, Chauvin has been thinking about his vile and murderous behavior as an officer of the law and rightfully accepting his fate and accountability for his actions.

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Nah, just bullsh**ing—he’s appealing his sentence because he’s still an evil ex-cop who thinks he doesn’t deserve it.

According to CNN, on Monday, attorneys for the ex-cop who used his knee as a murder weapon filed an 82-page appeal listing the reasons Chauvin didn’t get a fair shake during his criminal trial last year. It’s really just a rehashing of all the complaints Chauvin’s piss-poor legal team raised last year at the time of the trial.

Chauvin’s attorneys are arguing that his trial was “structurally defective” due to reasons that include “extensive pretrial publicity and protests outside the courthouse, as well as the city’s announcement during jury selection that it would pay a $27 million settlement to Floyd’s family,” CNN reports. Lawyers for the guy who thought “I can’t breathe” was Blackanese for “Please keep choking the life out of me” are also asking the appeals court to review issues such as whether the trial should have been moved to a different venue, whether the jury was fully sequestered and whether the trial should have been delayed due to extensive media coverage. (We can assume Chauvin’s attorneys have some semblance of common sense and know that, whenever the trial began, extensive media coverage would’ve been happening up to that date. It’s almost as if they’re just trying to get their client out of the mess he put himself in.)

And, of course, the 82-page filing also includes allegations of prosecutorial misconduct. Chauvin’s attorneys are claiming state attorneys “failed to properly disclose discovery information and adequately prepare prosecution witnesses,” according to CNN.

Hopefully, the appeals court understands that nothing has changed in the last year. Chauvin is still a murderer who didn’t think Floyd’s life mattered and his sentence was well-earned.

Keep that man in a cage where he belongs.


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